The Mighty Gore!!!

The Mighty Gore!

Just because I thought it might be mildly amusing. Sadly, my artistic skills don’t do the idea justice. Al Gore, you’re my hero!

A wee little Broon Cartoon.

My biggest effort at a webcomic ever! I should probably have tried to do it in something a bit better than Windows Paint.

I also completely failed at fitting it into the amount of width I have here, so you’ll have to give it a click to see it. You might also have to click magnify on it, if your browser unhelpfully resizes it so you can’t read the text. I’ll make sure I get it to fit in here next time. Probably. It’s kind of thin over here.
A little bit of fun with Gordon Brown and Nick Robinson.
For non-Brits, the Lib Dem leader, mighty Vince Cable, said this week: “The House has noticed the Prime Minister’s remarkable transformation in the past few weeks from Stalin to Mr. Bean – creating chaos out of order, rather than order out of chaos.