I’m Ark. At least that’s what I call myself on the net. You can call me Ark, Arkenor, or Mr Oakshadow. I especially like the last one.

I live in the fine city of Norwich, England. I’m in my late thirties, and I appear to be male.

This blog is where I keep my thoughts on gaming, the world, and anything else that strikes my interest. I hope you find it occasionally informing or amusing. I’m told that it’s a good idea not to be too unfocused when it comes to blog topics, but I’m a rather unfocused person. Largely it’s about games, but I reserve the right to write about anything that takes my fancy.

There’s a handy comment section at the bottom of each entries individual page, so if you have anything to say on the subjects I bring up, please let loose! It’s always better to have a conversation, than talk to thin air.

Should anyone need to get in contact with me about this site, you can email me at arkenor at arksark.org