There is a new entity in charge of the UK’s Ship of Government. Enter Cleggeron the Unexpected!!! After a tumultuous struggle with arch-nemesis Gordzilla, Cleggeron has emerged as the King of Monster Island, ah, I mean Westminster.

Cleggeron Arks Ark

Cleggeron! Coming soon to a Parliament near you.

Will good Clegg head manage to stop the middle boss head from taking the evil Murdoch head’s advice? Anything could happen in the next five years!

Update: December 2010.

The answer to my final question turned out to be no. I’m not entirely certain the Clegg head was all that good after all. When Cleggeron has finished devouring the educational chances of a generation, where will it turn its hungry eyes next? This film has gone from being a creature feature to true horror.

5 comments to Cleggeron!!!

  • Dear Arksark,

    While I appreciate your artistic freedom, I must take offence at your addition of Rupert Murdoch’s face to my supposed body.

    If you wish to post a true picture of myself, please feel free to use one of the images at, attributing the picture back to my website.

    Kindest regards,

    The Cleggeron.

  • […] a week is a short time in politics, and, frankly, The Cleggeron is passe – ALL HAIL OUR ONE-EYED OLYMPIAN OVERLORDS: On reflection, Wenlock appears to be excreting […]

  • […] it seems that ‘Cleggeron’ has been settled on- a strange, robotic sort of word, which Daily Mirror cartoonists will no doubt depict as some sort of double-headed Dalek, armed with the pair of shears which will no doubt become the defining motif of the next five years […]

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