Liberal Democrat leadership battle turns shameful.

The clash between the two Liberal Democrat leadership candidates this morning on The Politics Show was utterly shameful. Chris Huhne, when challenged over his office’s dirty tricks, launched into a hectoring bullying attack upon Nick Clegg.

There is absolutely no way in hell I am voting for Chris Huhne next week. I want a leader that plays fair, and does not try to shout people down. I was totally undecided, but this nastiness has brought me down on the side of Nick Clegg.

You can see the interview with the candidates here.

And the worst of it?

But, in heated exchanges, he went on to accuse home affairs spokesman Mr Clegg of “flip-flopping” over his policies.

Any candidate that uses the term “flip-flopping” is no friend of mine. I had my fill of that language in 2004, and Liberal Democrats ought not to be recycling US Republican talking points. And well done Jon Sopel, for not parroting the talking points that had been neatly handed to you, and instead turning the tables on a very shoddy piece of skullduggery.

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