Lord of the Rings Online: Expansion Speculation

A Casual Stroll to Mordor has some interesting news regarding Lord of the Rings Online’s next expansion.

Adam Mersky is shown, in an until now overlooked video, to have said “… our next big region will be Enedwaith later this year.”.

There is speculation around the web that this is the next paid expansion, but I have my doubts.

For a paid expansion you’d want somewhere that people have heard of. I’d never heard of Enedwaith, for the excellent reason that very little happens there in the books. So I think that what Enedwaith will be is an area added by one of LotRO’s free updates. Interestingly though, Enedwaith would lead us right up to the Gap of Rohan.

The Mirkwood expansion has already brought us near to the Northern border of Rohan , but how much better to enter through the Gap of Rohan!

LotRO Enedwaith And Rohan

Enedwaith: The Road to Rohan?

My best guess, then, would be that the next full expansion will cover Rohan, Isengard, Fangorn Forest, the lands along Anduin the Great River (where Boromir will have his unfortunate accident), and perhaps beyond, whereas Enedwaith will be a free update this year.

2 comments to Lord of the Rings Online: Expansion Speculation

  • Longasc

    I can hardly spell Enedwaith – and it is the “Dunland” area that was already rumored to be the next area to be added. http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Special:Interactivemap -> this area was already shown on the official map before Mirkwood was released in 2009! It is to the left of Moria, south of the already released Eregion zone.

  • I’m excited about this region, but really think it will be a 3.1.2 update – ie a free content update like forochel or evendim. I just don’t see them having the time and resources to devote to a full expansion as evidence by the numerous posts on the Isengard server issues. However, this would be a great tie in for the fall/winter exansion of Rohan as has been rumored for a while now.