Lord of the Rings Online’s November Update hits the Bullroarer test server.

As we hoped, the switch to F2P has breathed new life into Lord of the Rings Online. Like DDO, it seems that content is coming much faster than before, and November’s update is a fairly hefty one. The full notes are below the fold, but here’s a few of the highlights.

Experience more of Middle-earth – FOR FREE!
Free and Premium players will now be able to access Moria, Lothlórien, Mirkwood, and Enedwaith for FREE! We have adjusted the access of Free and Premium players. You may now follow the Epic Story line through Moria, Mirkwood and, Enedwaith. This includes free access to the following:

  • The Legendary item system.
  • Attain level 65.
  • Access Moria, Mirkwood, Lothlórien, and Enedwaith regions.

Note: You will still need to purchase the appropriate quest packs or expansion packs to access other content (quests, deeds, instances, classes, etc) in these areas.

Fantastic news. The Epic Storyline is my favourite part of the game. It’s interesting that Turbine have decided to provide more content for free. Perhaps they’ve seen more profit in selling accessories and cosmetics than they have in quest-packs. This would be the reverse of how things have been working in DDO, but they are very different games. It does reduce the usefulness of the official expansions, especially with the removal of the level cap that you would normally have needed them for, so I would hope that they see a reduction in cost.

Swift Travel Changes
Swift Travel Routes that previously required that the player be a subscriber are now usable by past subscribers as well (although only by characters created or used during the subscriber period).

New Barter Wallet
We have new Barter Wallet! The Barter Wallet will hold all Skirmish Marks used to purchase items from the Skirmish Barter Vendors as well as all Anniversary Tokens. The Barter Wallet may be opened by clicking on the Caret symbol at the lower left of your screen and selecting Barter Wallet from the list of panels.

With the inventory problems that haunt me from MMO to MMO, I’m looking forward to the barter wallet. Functionally it sounds pretty much identical to the token wallet that EQ2 got last month, but space is at far more of a premium in LOTRO. It’ll be particularly useful to F2Pers who haven’t yet unlocked all their backpacks or much bank space.

Tasks are free repeatable quest that players can use to augment their leveling within the game world. We’ll have a full developer diary about this new system in the coming weeks, but here’s some of what you can expect

  • Over 250 new quests.
  • 100% FREE to All players.
  • Use existing trophy drops.
  • NEW Deeds and Rewards.
  • Available at all levels, starting at Level 8.
  • Infinitely repeatable.

I’m a bit vague on exactly what makes these “tasks” so different from ordinary repeatable quests that they need their own name. Still, it’s EVEN MORE free content.

Reputation Mounts
We have reviewed much of the feedback players have offered regarding reputation mounts and what they represent in terms of accomplishment and time invested. You’ve made it very clear that these mounts should be special and reflect the effort required to earn them. We agree. Reputation mounts have received an upgrade in their stats. These mounts will now have 250 health, receive reduced critical damage and allow characters to block, parry and evade while mounted.

We have also added many new reputation mounts to the game. You may want to revisit some old stomping grounds to see if there is something new for you at an old beloved faction. You might find them on vendors or from barterers.

In the future some mounts purchased through the LOTRO Store may share appearances with the reputation mounts, but will be weaker than their earned counterparts.

I’m not at the stage where I’m going to be getting these just yet, but more mounts is always fun! It is significant that they’re making the point that the version of the steed you buy ingame will be superior to the Turbine Point storebought one.

Ered Luin Revamp
The Elf and Dwarf starting areas in Ered Luin have been completely revamped! Full details will be included in an upcoming Developer’s Diary. Create a new character and try it out for yourself!

I’m always nervous about changes like this, as there is potential for glorious old content to be swept away or spoiled. I’ll have to wait and see what that Dev Diary has to say!

Update: I’ve checked the Ered Luin changes out on Bullroarer, and found them to be good.

Storage Revisions
You have given us a tremendous amount of feedback since our major overhaul of the Vault and Shared Storage systems. We’ve heard you! These systems have received a major rework. Read the Developer’s Diary for the full details. (LINK)

Rune-keepers and Lore-masters
Lore-masters and Rune-keepers can look forward to new skills, upgrades, and other changes. Developer Diaries detailing and explaining all changes will be available prior to the final release of the November Update.

Lore-master & Minstrel Fellowship Manoeuvre changes
Lore-masters and Minstrels will now use the tactical versions of the “Ent’s Strength” and “Spider’s Guile” fellowship skills instead of the melee versions, just like Rune-keepers. This means that any time a Fellowship Manoeuvre is triggered, Minstrels and Lore-masters will no longer need to be in melee range to contribute.

NEW Ingredient Packs
Certain crafting recipes now have the option of using “Ingredient Packs” instead of the usual ingredients required. Recipes with this option will have a checkbox in the crafting panel to specify if you would like to use the packs or not. Using the packs to create these items will force the items to be bound to the maker upon creation.

A lot depends on where these Ingredient Packs come from. They sound like they might be the sort of thing sold in the store, though perhaps they might also be found ingame.

Farming Revamp
The number and types of seeds required to complete farming recipies have been significantly reduced. Field recipes now require just one seed to execute. The types of seeds available have also been adjusted to all for more generic seeds types, increasing inventory space for farmers. All farming related tooltips have been adjusted and now offer more detailed descriptions.

It’s the little things that count

  • There is now a “report as harassment” option when right clicking your chat window.
  • You can now mouse over any Legendary Item being tracked and see the tooltip for that item.
  • Players may now be summoned out of Housing instances and Private Encounters.
  • Captain Summoning Horn and Mustering Horns may now summon players into and out of Dynamic Layers.
  • The Dwarf Brigands have gone and seen the cosmetic outfitter in their local town. Because of this, players will be seeing a lot more variety in the dwarf brigand bodies they step over on their way to glory.
  • Check with your Class trainer or favorite craftsman to learn about new consumables for each class!

The full November LotRO November test patch notes are after the leap.

Full Release Notes

General Gameplay

  • When a player feigns death, they now can keep their “Armaments of X” and “Shield-Brother” skills and can now be targets of helpful skills from other players.
  • If a player has a Rune-keeper’s "Do Not Fall This Day" buff and the Rune-keeper who placed the buff is falling or dead when the player dies, the player will be presented with an error and will have another chance to revive after the Rune-keeper is no longer falling or dead. Previously the player would have been forced to resurrect at the nearest rally point.
  • Several errant “Restoration” skill entries have been removed from the Lorebook.
  • Detaunting your pet’s target will no longer cause adds that are on your pet to attack you


  • Lore-masters and Captains now have a new skill on their Companion’s skill bar immediately to the left of their active skills. This new skill, “Return to Master” for Lore-master and “Rally” for Captain, will summon an existing companion to the character’s location. It is not useable in combat and has a 5 second cooldown.
  • Player Pets and Soldiers now get the benefit from the following
    • Hunter skill “Find the Path”.
    • Minstrel Tales.
    • Rune-keeper “Rune of Restoration.”
    • Captain’s Banners
    • Lore-master’s Raven’s “Shield of the Raven’s Wing” and the Eagle’s “Nobility”.


  • We have resolved many of the issues related to the “Hide In Plain Sight” skill.
    • When you use HIPS and you are alone, the monster should stop attacking you and run home.
    • When you use HIPS and you are in a fellowship, the monster should attack another player in the fellowship.
    • Player Pets will now disengage from players who use “Hide In Plain Sight”.


  • Certain captain skills will no longer flash in your quickslot bar when they are improved by a trait.
  • Fixed an issue where” Shield-Brother” and “Armaments of X” skills were being incorrectly toggled off of their targets.
  • The Oath-breaker Herald’s banner no longer appears solid for a second or two when first summoned.
  • Inspire now includes information on how much it will heal the Captain’s Shield-brother.
  • The Lossoth can now grant Captains higher level armaments with which to equip their Frozen Commoner Heralds. Visit the Lossoth in Forochel to acquire these new recipes.


  • Champions will now receive an event for defeating an enemy at level 10 when “Ardour” is learned so they can trigger “Ardent Flurry”.
  • “Continuous Blood Rage” will now grant +50% resistance to Physical and Tactical effects in addition to all other resistances, except Disease.
  • The Champion’s legendary trait “Blade Explosion” has been renamed “Raging Blade” to match the granted skill.
  • Inspired Greatness now properly increases the potency of the heal applied by the Champion’s “Bracing Attack” skill.


  • Hunter class quest “Lay of Land” could not be completed by free players without also purchasing the Eregion quest pack (due to the quest requiring the completion of two exploratory deeds: Dens of the Beasts and The Ruins of Eregion. The exploratory deeds are now free so thatHunters can complete their level 50 class quest without the needing to purchase Eregion.


  • The trait “Dúnedain-learning” now shows specific numbers for what it modifies.
  • Trait tooltips have been cleaned up to reveal Stats and improve readability.
  • The Trait “Knowledge of the Past” now affects all skills (it was previously not affecting “Staff-strike”, “Warding Knowledge”, and a few other skills).
  • Lore-masters have a new skill available at level 30: "Staff Sweep."
  • Lore-masters have a new skill available at level 40: “Frost-lore."
  • The trait “Hardy Bear” has been converted to “Hardy Companion.”
  • The Improved Warding Lore skills have been modified to affect “Drakes & Ancient Evil”, “Creatures of Nature & Beasts”, and “Dead, Men, & Orc-kind”.
  • “Sign of Power: Vigilance” is now a self-anchored Area of Effect skill.
  • “Blinding Flash” will now interrupt inductions even if the monster is immune to Daze effects.
  • The Nature-friend Legendary Trait will now grant the Lore-master a new skill, “Combat Summoning”, in addition to “Friend of Nature.” This new skill will allow the Lore-master to summon any animal companion during combat for the next 10 seconds.
  • The damage over time portion of “Burning Embers” will now stack from multiple Lore-masters.
  • The Lore-master’s raven will now apply the Flanked effect to target when the Raven is low level.
  • Fire-lore can now be used on all monster types; including the Dead.
  • “Call to the Valar” now resets the cooldown for “Dispel Corruption” and provides a 10s immunity to induction setbacks caused by damage.
  • The sound FX for Flanking effects is now controlled by the Combat Sound volume
  • The visual indicator that signals when a pet has flanked its target will now only be shown to the Lore-master whose pet successfully flanked their target.
  • “ Inner Flame” has been upgraded as follows:
    • It will heal much more than previously.
    • The Lore-master will not be interrupted while channeling the skill.
    • The Lore-master’s pet will take a small portion of the Lore-master’s threat for each pulse of healing.
    • All other aspects of the skill are the same.
  • The following frost damage Legendary Item Titles are now useable by Lore-masters.
    • Cold-heart
    • Frost-reaver
    • Ice-fist
  • “Knowledge of the Lore-master” has been changed in a couple of ways.
    • It now places a minor 60 second debuff to resistances on the target.
    • The skill cannot be used in combat and requires you to face the target.
    • The skill cannot be resisted.
  • The Legacies which reduce an enemy’s resistance have been re-organized to affect skills more intuitively:
    • Target Resistance (Damaging Skills): This now affects ALL Tactical skills which deal damage:
      • Burning Embers
      • Sign of Battle: Wizardry
      • Test of Wills
      • Gust of Wind
      • Cracked Earth
      • Light of the Rising Dawn
      • Storm-lore
      • Lightning-storm
      • Sign of Battle: Wizard’s Fire
      • Sticky Gourd.
    • Target Resistance (Fire Skills): This now affects ALL Tactical skill which deal Fire damage:
      • Burning Embers
      • Cracked Earth
      • Sign of Battle: Wizard’s Fire
      • Sticky Gourd.
    • Target Resistance (Debuffing Skills): This now affects ALL skills which debuff the enemy:
      • Sign of Power: Command
      • Blinding Flash
      • Fire-lore
      • Wind-lore
      • Power of Knowledge
      • Bane Flare
      • Herb-lore
      • Frost-lore
      • Ancient Craft
      • Dispel Corruption.


  • The Minstrel Skill, Call of the Second Age will now explicitly display that it is adding +10% movement speed to your Fellowship.


  • “Writ of Health” can only be used durring combat
  • Fall to Our Wrath now stacks properly across multiple Rune-keepers.
  • The debuff on “Scathing Retort” now lasts lasts longer then the channel duration of Smoldering Wrath, based on how long you channel for.


  • The Warden’s now have a new skill at level 47, Never Surrender. This skill can only be used after a defeat. It will transfer 20% of the total threat from each Fellowship member to the Warden. The skill causes the Warden to lose all but one additional pulse of Warden HoT’s, plus lock out all of the Warden’s skills that add two gambit icons for the next 5 minutes.
  • Warden’s Legendary Gambit, “Defiant Challenge”, now recieves the appropriate power cost reduction from Fist Carvings.

The Ettenmoors(PvMP)

  • We have resolved many of the issues related to the “Disappear” skill.These changes mirror those made to the burglar skill, "Hide in plain sight."
  • NPCs should no longer stop combat when crossing server boundaries in the Ettenmoors.
  • The Warleader’s “Purge” skill can now be used while Dazed or Stunned.
  • Monsterplayer food effects have been converted to In-combat Morale and Power Regens. Additionally, all of the food effects now appear on a single buff icon.
  • Haz, Defensive Potions Trader, has an new potion for sale. Five (5) “Phials of Akulhun’s Fury” can be purchased for 20 Dull Spirit Stones. This preventitive potion can be used out of combat and it provides 10 seconds of crowd control immunity.
  • Population requirements for Ranger session play have been reduced to allow the session to trigger more often.
  • The Quest Guide now works with the majority of monsterplay quests. Quests that require PvMP combat have been excluded as those battles can occur anywhere!
  • The “defeat” failure state has been removed from the initial Creep travel quests.
  • The Weaver skill, “Venomous Haze” only works on skills with a range of 15m or more. This effect no longer reduces the range of Burglar Tricks, but now reduces the range of the Burglar’s “Reveal Weakness”, “Diversion”, and “Burglar’s Antidode”, and the Minstrels “Anthem of Valar” and “Anthem of the Wizards”
  • Caragdal, no longer wanders. This will allow players to turn in the quest more easily.
  • Mash – Quest can now be completed.


  • Soldiers with auras (Herbalist, Bannerguard) will now buff player pets and other Soldiers.
  • The timer on the quest tracker for the Barrow Downs survival skirmish will no longer be cut off in the UI.
  • The letter sent as part of the quest, “Reporting In” is now only sent once.

Rescue in Nurz Gashu:

  • Fixed a case that would cause the Caerog optional to not activate

Raids & Instances

  • Fixed the extreme damage some bosses were doing:
    • The Rift: Barz & Fruz
    • Book 13: Mordrambor
    • Broken Stairs: Glothrok the Vile
  • Players who were in the encounter and in the fellowship, but were linkdead when an encounter chest’s loot assignment rights were determined are now allowed to loot the chest when they get back in.
  • Orcs killed in Fil Gashan will now count towards the quest, “Lothlórien Preparations II.”
  • DG Tower: The Fellbeast’s breath will now do ~1700-~2400 damage (unmitigated)

Eregion: School

  • Fixed a location where Thurgtark had combat difficulty

Great Barrow: Maze

  • Updated the completion deed to reference the correct quest.

Library at Tham Mirdain

  • Removed daze skill from Unudhu


  • The sections of Haudh Iarcith now have unique names

Garth Agarwen: Rings of Rhudaur

  • Updated quest guide to focus on the dungeon not the south


  • Fixed a quest location
  • Stagnant Oaks now reset upon wiping
  • Challenge quest fails upon resetting the final boss

Helegrod: Dragon Wing

  • Gates reopen upon defeating Thorog

Helegrod: Spider Wing

  • The summoned spiders from the queens now have ranged attacks

Great Barrow: Sambrog

  • Fellspirits will no longer target themselves with their healing skill


  • All chests are using the raid template, increasing their rot time to several hours

Garth Agarwen: Barrows

  • Challenge now fails when one of the two split wights dies

Carn Dum

  • Lozudurkh no longer counts towards Brutes from the North

The Water Wheels: Nala-dum

  • Caerlug will no longer reset if any player in fellowship leaves the boss area after successfully completing the dungeon.

Enedwaith– Thror’s Coomb

  • Quest: The Trail Ends: When a prisoner is released, the door is now deleted so that you will no longer accidentally use a key on an unlocked door.

Angmar – Carn Dum – Castle of the Witch King

  • The boss, Mormoz, can no longer pulled out of room.

Enedwaith – Lich Bluffs

  • Quest: Darkness Revealed – Iarganir will now be an NPC until the player enters the room.

Legendary Items

  • Fused Relics will now stack to 25, the same as all other relics.


  • Consignment quests have finally gone the way of the dodo after long internal deliberation. The general issue is that they were always problematic in their technical implementation and utililty in the game. More importantly their effective role in the crafting economy is fulfilled in a more dynamic fashion by the auction house and/or adventuring.


  • A new fish food recipe is now available for Superior Cooks! You can find the Roasted Carp recipe for sale at an Expert Cook vendor near you.
  • New pet food recipes are now available from Novice/Expert Cook vendors, as well as Lore-master trainers.


  • New class items are available! The following recipes are available from Novice/Expert Scholar vendors, as well as the appropriate class trainers.
    • Captain Battle Tonic
    • Champion Potion of Fervour
    • Guardian Overpower Tactics
    • Hunter Potion of Focus
    • Minstrel Sheet Music


  • New class items are available! The following recipes are available from Novice/Expert Waeponsmith vendors, as well as the appropriate class trainers.
    • Burglar Throwing Hatchet
    • Burglar Serrated Knife
  • Corrected the names of the following crafted throwing axes:
    • Shining Steel Throwing Axe
    • Fine Gondorian Throwing Axe
  • Corrected the quality levels and minimum level requirements for all existing crafted thrown weapons.


  • New class items are available! The following recipes are available from Novice/Expert Woodworker vendors, as well as the appropriate class trainers.
    • Captain Blazoned Emblem
    • Rune-keeper Dagor Infused Parchment
    • Rune-keeper Nestad Infused Parchment
    • Warden Battle Hymn
  • Adjusted the stats on the Heavy Yew Javelin of Precision to differentiate it from the Heavy Yew Javelin of Speed.
  • Corrected the names of the following recipes as they appear in the crafting panel
    • Golden Wood Javelin
    • Golden Wood Club
    • Golden Wood Great Club


  • All existing Lore-master amulet recipes have been converted to produce new skill-granting Lore-master talismans. Brand new multi-output Lore-master talisman recipes can now be found in treasure.
  • The Apprentice recipe for Bronze Ingots and the Supreme recipe for Khazad-bronze Ingots were incorrectly producing quantities of 6 on a critical success. These recipes have been changed to produce quantities of 4 on critical success.


  • Fixed the names of the following recipes:
    • Outrider’s Shoes Recipe
    • Reinforced Sturdy Leather Shoes Recipe
    • Heavy Skirmisher’s Shoes Recipe
    • Protector’s Shoes Recipe
    • Superb Campaigner’s Shoes Recipe

Destiny Point Perks

  • A new ‘Curing’ perk and perk category have been added. These new perks will completely remove wounds, diseases, poisons, and fear with some restrictions. The LOTRO Store will also have an equivalent item that only works out of combat.
  • Destiny Point costs have been lowered on some of the XP perks and new XP perks have been added. The new perks are tiered like so:
    • Lasting Competence: 25% monster kill XP for 1 hour 30 minutes + 10% item XP bonus
    • Enduring Experience: Lesser: 10% monster kill XP for 3 hours + 5% item XP bonus
    • Enduring Experience: Minor: 10% monster kill XP for 6 hours + 5% item XP bonus
    • Eduring Experience: Moderate: 20% monster kill XP for 3 hours + 5% item XP bonus
    • Eduring Experience: Major: 20% monster kill XP for 6 hours + 5% item XP bonus


  • All items that come from the starter gift boxes will now be bound to account.
  • The Twilight Cloak was missing its dye channel, and was dyeing the entire pattern. This was a bug which has now been fixed to bring it in line with the rest of this thematic series of cloaks.
  • The tooltip for the thingy no longer incorrectly claims it is a whatchamacallit.
  • The Helm of Rohan now supports all dye colors.
  • The Novice Mark item that can increase run speed will no longer conflict with the run speed perks. The Novice Mark will now stack with all other run speed buffs.
  • The Map to Thorin’s Hall item will no longer play a cinematic when used.
  • Tomes of Revival can now stack to a total of 50.
  • New Dye colors are available: Evendim Blue, Sea Blue, Forest Green, Ered Luin Blue, Purple, Rivendell Green, Rose, Crimson, Ranger Green, and Yellow. Keep an eye open for the new dye recipes or visit the Lotro Store where the new dyes are also available.
  • “Master of the Risen” quest cloak and shield rewards have had their quality increased to Rare.
  • “The True Thieves” – “Tirithranc” (light shoulders) and “Stone Finder’s Gloves” (heavy gloves) quest rewards have been replaced with Uncommon version. The rare versions of these items have not been altered, but can no longer be selected upon quest completion.
  • Fixed typos in the name of the item “Gaunlets of Watchtower”. Item is now named “Gauntlets of the Watchtower”.
  • A typo in the name of “Map to Northern Barrow-downs” has been fixed.
  • Rune-keeper Inlays and Enamels have been given new icons that match the color of the item.
  • All Shield Spike buffs can overwrite each other, allowing players to change their current effect whenever they wish.
  • Unified the quality of some quest rewards:
    • “The Blade that was Broken” – “Rongrist”, uncommon sword, has had its quality increased to Rare.
    • “More Confused Than Usual” – “Cerys’ Shield”, uncommon shield, has had its quality increased to Rare.
  • Heavy Helm from the Men of Bree now support all dye colors.
  • Updated some items to support all dye colors
    • Cap of The Shire
    • Forvengwath’s Helm
    • Fearless Helm
    • Woven Gloves of Bree
    • Padded Shoes of Bree
    • Padded Jacket of Bree
    • Pointed Hat of Bree
    • Padded Shoes of The Shire
    • Chainmail Boots of Bree
    • Chainmail Gauntlets of Bree
    • Scalemail Boots of The Shire
  • The following headgear now support all dye colors
    • elm of the West-lands
    • Helm of the White Flame
    • Helm of Remmirath
    • Helm of the Sun-lands
    • Helm of the Dwarf-hoard
    • Helm of Celebrant
    • Helm of the North-drake
    • Helm of the Seven Fathers
    • Helm of Orod-na-Thon
    • Circlet of the Seven Stars
    • Circlet of the Seven Stars


  • Dunlendings (and other high level brigands) will no longer drop under-level Morale and Power potions.
  • “Map to Echad Dunann” can now be found in loot.
  • The Barrow Downs rare spawn, Umen, now drops Ruby Shards.
  • In addition to the normal places legendary pages can be found, all legendary pages can now be found in Moria from Orcs, Goblins and Trolls.
  • Rotted Barghest paws now drop off all Barghests from 39 to 60

Monsters & AI

  • The Water Works – The Drowned Deep – Stonecrest no longer becomes un-attackable after using Stealth.
  • Northdowns – Rhunenlad – The Reinforcement NPC’s should respawn correctly.
  • Forochel – Taur Orthhon- Rare Signature – Snarling Wolverine now labeled a Signature monster.
  • Enedwaith – Gwal Draig – Brening of the Draig-luth – Guards are now protecting Brening.
  • Forochel – Taur Orthon – Quest Monster – The Choicest Cut – Silvan Thirty-Point is now alot more elk-like, rather than being fairly moose-like.

Town Services

  • Harry Greencorn now sells Poison, Disease, Fear, and Wound potions in post-raid Archet.
  • Enedwaith vendors now sell only top-tier cure potions.
  • Eogar at Hengstacer Farm will no longer repair your items.
  • Bolli in the Twenty First Hall now grants tier 5 gathering quests for Prospector and Forester.
  • Hobbiton-Bywater – The Hobby Master’s map icon will only display when the summer festival is active.
  • The barter vendor for the Ale Association will now be available year round, like his Inn League counterpart.
  • Naithador, the Warden Trainer in Eregion now offers the level 15 and 30 warden class quests.
  • Forochel Reputation Barter NPC and quests are now also available in Pynti-peldot


  • The item quality for many fish has been adjusted:
    • Fish that have no current use are of common quality (grey).
    • Fish that can be used in crafting are of uncommon quality (yellow).
    • Fish that are part of a larger set or can be bartered for housing trophies are of rare quality (purple).


  • The following large rugs are now allowed in the small floor hook:
    • Large Brown Rug
    • Large Red Rug
    • Large Red Leaf Rug
    • Large Bear-skin Rug
    • Large Purple Rug
    • Large White ‘Leaf Border’ Rug
    • Large ‘Dragon-fly’ Rug

Auction House

  • The Class Items category has changed significantly. The subcategories under this category are now as follows:
    • Legendary
    • Class Quest Items
    • Skill Scrolls
    • Burglar
    • Captain
    • Champion
    • Guardian
    • Hunter
    • Lore-master
    • Minstrel
    • Rune-keeper
    • Warden.
  • Champion horns can now be searched for using the Champion subcategory under Class Items.
  • Weapon oils can now be searched for using either the Warden or Hunter subcategories under Class Items.
  • Shield-spikes can now be searched for using either the Warden or Guardian subcategories under Class Items.
  • Guardian acorns can now be searched for using the Guardian subcategory under Class Items.
  • The “Book” main category has been removed. Each class’s books/pages items can now be found in the class subcategories under Class Items.
  • The “Scrolls” main category has been renamed to “Scrolls & Scroll Cases” and has been moved under the Crafting category.
  • The new “Skill Scrolls” subcategory will allow players to easily find cosmetic pet scrolls and Mentor scrolls for the Lore-master and Minstrel respectively.
  • There are two new main categories to help players search for the following items;
    • “Sealed & Fused Relics”
    • “Legendary Scrolls”
  • The Ingredients subcategory under crafting has been split into two subcategories for easier searching: “Ingredients” and “Optional Ingredients”.


  • Receiving the Riding trait will now correctly display the quest rings for quests that require it.
  • We’ve talked to the Stablemasters again, and they will now graciously show their travel lists to mounted players. The players will still need to dismount in order to actually travel somewhere.
  • There is a new tutorial hint that pops up when you acquire a mount skill.
  • Rental Horse Whistles now are correctly unusable in places where you can’t summon a mount. Previously, you could use them, and then would get an error after an induction.
  • Temporary horse whistles purchased from the store will bind themselves to the character purchased (they were nontransferable anyway).
  • The Stablemaster at Harndirion now correctly applies the Grey Company travel discount.
  • All Stablemasters within Moria will now combine the discounts earned through reputation bonuses from the Iron Miners and Iron Garrison.
  • If you die when traveling on a stable horse, you now fully stop travelling.
  • Mounts earned through Moria, Mirkwood and Angmar instance deeds have been improved to be equivalent to the new reputation mount stats. Angmar mounts are slightly weaker as they are earned earlier in the game’s progression.
  • We have altered the way that mount speed is communicated to players. The tooltip for all mount effects now displays the percentage bonus that players receive while mounted. This number represents the bonus of normal player run speed.


  • Riding Trait, purchased through the LOTRO Store, will now be auto-consumed even while mounted.
  • Some special slayer deeds were upselling the deed acceleration offer but in fact the deeds have no need to be accelerated. This usually happens in the case where the slayer deed is to kill 1 monster, such as in the Drake Wing deed.
  • The deed acceleration items can now be used at level 5.
  • The Swift Travel item has been changed so that it now expires out of game. New versions of the item have been created so you may now purchase ones with longer durations: 1 Day, 7 Days, 30 Days.
  • Travel Maps now have a 10 minute cooldown timer (was 1 hour).
  • The travel maps purchased from the store now stack to 50.
  • Racial slayer deeds can now be accelerated.
  • Purchasing skill-granting items from the Lotro Store wouldn’t auto-consume if the player was on a mount. These items will now auto-consume correctly when the player is mounted.
  • The “Sturdy Savant’s Sharp Chisel” has been re-named to “Sturdy Savant’s Chisel”. no stat changes have been made.
  • New Rune-keeper Chisels have been added to the LOTRO Store.
  • The minimum level requirements on all stat tomes have been decreased.
  • The one hour duration of the Writ of Special Passage will now count down in game time, not real time.


  • Two-handed weapons will now disappear while mounted instead of clipping into your mount. Horses (and Goats) rejoice!
  • Several instances in Thror’s Coomb and the Lich Bluffs were assigned the incorrect Voice Over(VO) opening. The VO and display text should now match.
  • Hobbits will cast shadows once again when running in DirectX 10 mode.
  • The master volume control in the Options panel under Audio can be used to affect overall volume.
  • Addressed a number of visual FX issues that caused things to look…odd.

User Interface

  • The shared vault now displays which characters bound items are bound to.
  • Wardrobe items that are categorized by the color “unique” should now appear correctly when viewed in the dressing room.
  • It is now possible to properly select characters with really long names (such that they are truncated and tooltip’d) in the friends list. Previously, if you clicked on the character name, it would look like you had selected the character in the list, but it was not fully selected, so none of the buttons at the bottom (remove/note/invite/tell) would work correctly.
  • There will be better feedback in the UI when a quest is temporarily disabled for administrative reasons.
  • The dropdowns for Playback and Capture device selection in the Audio Options Panel will now be grayed out if no device is available.
  • The panel that opens when you talk to various NPCs in the game has received a major rework. Entries now have icons that match the particular action.
  • Clicking “Loot All” when looking at a chest will now look and act exactly the same as when you first open that chest with the “Always Loot All” option checked.
  • There’s now a “search” box and a “show all” button at the top of the options panel, allowing you to show only options matching particular text.
  • Documents that you can read within the game no longer close when other windows are opened or closed. Instead they have a Close button now.
  • "Show Dispellable Effects Only" and “Show effects cast by me” options in the Social Options Panel are no longer mutually exclusive.
  • The Lore-master Pet Quickslot bar is now correctly hidden when mounted.
  • Context menus throughout the game will now correctly close when you click outside them.
  • Fixed a bug whereby quickslot bars that were undocked and always shown would appear when certain keys are pressed after hiding the UI with F12.
  • When you receive Turbine Points within game, the alert now correctly shows the store front page.
  • There is a new action “Clear all filters.” The idea is that if you are viewing a panel with a lot of filtering options, this action will reset them all to least restrictive so as to see the most items possible. Not all panels support this new action, but over time we hope to get to all of them. Please /bug panels which should support this action but don’t. This option can be configured under Keybindings in the Option panel.
  • Unlockable quests now show up in their own category when talking to an NPC.
  • Examination tooltips for Items that grant you Mount Skills should now show you the details of the skill that’s going to be granted.
  • Items that grant skills will now show an examination tooltip to show the skill they grant.
  • The alert informing the player that they have money in their overflow will now only show up when money is added to the overflow or on login. It no longer shows up every time they gain money.
  • Double-clicking on an item in the vault or shared storage now lets it merge with existing stacks in the inventory.
  • You can no longer deposit items in the vault while smoking pipeweed.
  • Dragging a stack of items from the vault over an existing stack of that item in the inventory now fills the stack to full but returns the remaining items to the vault.
  • There’s a new icon that is shown over the tab in the Legendary Items panel for items that have recently leveled up.
  • You can now withdraw stacks from the vault even when your inventory is full, as long as those stacks can be fully absorbed into the existing partial stacks in the inventory. You can either double-click the stack in the vault, or drag it over the existing partial stack.

Deeds & Reputation

  • Added Iron Garrison Miner and Iron Garrison Guard reputation to Volume 2 Books 2-5 and Moria quests. This reputation will be rewarded retroactively.
  • The Bree-land reputation dungeon deeds can now be done at the appropriate level.
  • Thorin’s Hall Reputation will no longer complete the Kindred Deed, when you reach Ally Reputation.
  • Besides upping the amount of Algraig rep rewarded for quests, we have also added three more repeatable quests: The Half-orcs, Signs Among the Ashes, and Silence the Sentries now have daily repeatable versions.
  • Reputation has been added to daily quests as follows.
    • Men Of Bree reputation to “Defense of the Prancing Pony”
    • Men Of Bree reputation to “Thievery and Mischief”
    • Thorin’s Hall reputation to “Siege of Gondomon”
    • Elves of Rivendell reputation to “Ford of Bruinen”
    • The Elgain reputation to “Stand at Amon Sul”
    • Mathom Society reputation to “Trouble in Tuckborough”
    • Malledhrim reputation to “The Battle in the Tower”
    • Malledhrim reputation to “Assault on the Ringwraiths’ Lair”
    • Malledhrim reputation to “Breaching the Necromancer’s Gate”

Volume I

  • Adjusted some of the dials for the boss fight at the end of VolumeI, Book 5, Chapter 8.
  • Renamed and recategorized the emissary instances in Angmar to make them more clearly connected to Volume I Book 8.
  • The path to Drukordh for Volume I, Book 3, Chapter 5 has been made more solo-friendly.
  • The Onodrim for Volume I, Book 4, Chapter 6 has had his position moved to be more reachable for the solo player.
  • Now you can enter the Volume I, Book 7, Chapter 6 instance if you’re on that objective of the quest or have completed the quest before.
  • Improved the directions to a character you speak with in Volume I, Book 9, Chapter 1.
  • Volume I, Book 3, Chapter 6 – Added feedback to the Defence of Trestlebridge to communicate why the quest is failing when Nellie Boskins or Halbarad are defeated. Also, they have been given more morale, and their vitals will appear on your UI during the instance.
  • The level of the foes in Volume I, Book 7, Chapter 2 has been adjusted to be more appropriate for the quest level.
  • The Quest Guide has been updated for the several parts of Volume I, Book 14, Chapter 1.
  • The riddle for Volume I, Book 13, Chapter 3 has been clarified to be less vague.
  • You will now be swift-travelled to Rivendell when Volume I, Book 12, Chapter 10 is bestowed.
  • Adjusted the number of required kills for Volume I, Book 12, Chapter 5.
  • Removed the back-and-forth travel in Volume I, Book 11, Chapter 7 between the bestower and Bar-e-therchir.
  • Angmarim have been removed from Volume I, Book 11, Chapter 7.
  • Revised the text slightly in Volume I, Book 9, Chapters 1 & 2.
  • Revised some confusing text in Volume I, Book 4, Chapter 2.
  • Gave Elrond Voice Over for going into the instance in Volume I, Book 12, Chapter 10.
  • You should no longer able to pick up more than one copy of the Watching Stone orders in Volume I, Book 12, Chapter 8.
  • Volume I, Book 12 Chapters 1, 4 & 6, will no longer display as Fellowship Recommended.
  • Golodir now has Voice Over for Volume I, Book 7, Chapter 8.
  • Group size for the I.8.5 instance is now consistently-displayed as Small Fellowship recommended
  • Quest Guide will now properly point only to Gildor at the end of I.3.5
  • Obelisks in the Volume I, Book 5, Chapter 8 instance will now display their glowy quest FX when they can be used.
  • The Quest Guide will now point to the correct location for Volume I, Book 14, Chapter 9.
  • Lorniel will try to be more respectful of mezzes in the Volume I, Book 7, Chapter 8 instance.
  • Removed the four trips between Saija and Yrjana across the vast reaches of Forochel during Volume I Book 13. If you had any of the following quests currently active in your quest log, you will need to return to Saija to reacquire them:
    • "Book 13, Chapter 8: A Dark Storm"
    • "Book 13, Chapter 8: A Test of the Cold"
    • "Book 13, Chapter 8: Spirits of Angmar"
  • Lessened the burden of travel back-and-forth between Delossad, Rivendell, and Angmar during Volume I Book 15, through a combination of instant travel, rewriting, and smoother quest flow.

Volume II

  • Removed extraneous rings from the Quest Guide for Volume II, Book 7, Chapter 2.

Volume III

  • The Uruks in Volume III, Book 2, Chapter 5 will now clean themselves up if they’re not engaged in combat. How unlike Uruks!
  • Updated the models of the Gwiber in the Volume III, Book 2, Chapter 15 instance.
  • Fixed a typo in Volume III, Book 1, Chapter 6.


  • The quest “A Little Extra Never Hurts”, a quest that provides players with an insight into the LOTRO Store, will now increase morale upon completing the quest after making the purchase through the store. This is a short term boost to morale and one that can be purchase through the perks in the store.
  • Ered Luin – Gondamon – Rune-keeper trainer is no longer offering level 50 quest to all classes.
  • Moria – Flaming Deeps – Worth Fighting? – Now marked as solo quest.
  • Misty Mountains – Against the Pack – Quest no longer targets Stealth Mobs.
  • Enedwaith – Thror’s Coomb – Clobens Fang – Clobens Fang has had its reward increased to now give 2 Gold Leafs. Cloben will no longer drop the Fang, but will now instead drop an eye, which will allow you to complete a new quest, which is very similar to the old one.
  • Enedwaith – Thror’s Coomb – The Bigger Ones – Quest guide was displaying two quest rings, one for the object and one for the named monster. It now instead shows one.
  • Quest: Lone-Lands – Enfeebling the Foe – The quest description no longer says “Completed” when bestowing the quest.
  • Breeland – Old Forest – Lebrennil is now correctly labeled as a Signature Mob.
  • Shire – Tookland – Old Sally – At the end of the quest, Old Sally no longer visits the roof.
  • Moria – To the Dolven-view – Rathulf now bestows vector quest.
  • Enedwaith – Lich Bluffs – Source of the Unrest – Corrected spelling in quest text.
  • You can no longer use mounts in the Wild Hunt: Gwenaewen’s Spirit quest.
  • The difficulty of the Gabilazan Vault has been adjusted to make it easier to complete on-level
  • All of the Epic Prologue quests are now identified as such in their quest titles.
  • Pinnath Fenui has been made more reasonably soloable.

Lua Scripting

  • Plugins will no longer linger on your screen if the world shuts down while you are logged in.
  • The list of plugins is now alphabetized.
  • Controls now have HasFocus and Focus methods. The focus events now fire as well.
  • Controls now receive passive mouse move events.
  • Controls now receive double click events.
  • Fixed an issue where PluginData would not correctly save on exit.
  • Windows are not visible until SetVisible( true ) is called.
  • Windows now have a Activate method, Activated event, Deactivated event. Activate will bring the window to the foreground and the events fire when the window becomes the user focus or looses it.
  • LocalPlayer can no longer be instantiated. Users should use the static method GetInstance to get the single Local Player instance.
  • The Backpack can no longer be instantiated and can only be access from the Local Player.
  • The Backpack GetItem method will return the same instance for an item across multiple calls.
  • Actors now have GetRace and GetClass.
  • Item GetCategory now works correctly.
  • Item GetQuantity now does not erroneously return 0.
  • Quickslot now has IsUseOnRightClick, SetUseOnRightClick methods.
  • Quickslot no longer overwrites the 1st quickslot in the user’s toolbar.
  • Quickslot now receives DragDrop events.
  • Quickslots no longer crashes when stacks go to 0.
  • Quickslots no longer cause crashes if not cleared before a plugin is unloaded.
  • Quickslots work correctly when used with stacks.
  • Added a ScriptLog function that allows user plugins to write information to the script log. The script log is generated whenever the client runs and is truncate at the beginning of each run.
  • Added a GetCallStack function that allows users to get the Lua call stack for debugging.
  • This exposes new attributes classes for Lua for accessing class information while playing. New APIS include GetClass, GetRace, GetAttributes, GetClassAttributes, GetRaceAttributes. The attribute classes provide additional information and events.
  • CheckedChanged should now fir correctly when the checkbox is clicked.
  • SetMinimum for ScrollBars should now function as expected.
  • Addressed a client crash that would occur after unloading a plugin that had a quickslot in a listbox.

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