Videopost: Minecraft, Day 12 – The Search for Diamond

I struck forth with purpose today. Notch has revealed that travel to the upcoming Minecraft Hell Dimension will take place though obsidian archways. I don’t have any obsidian yet, as I don’t own a diamond pick with which to mine it. Diamond is usually found pretty deep, deeper than I’ve been yet, so for today’s episode the only way is down.

6 comments to Videopost: Minecraft, Day 12 – The Search for Diamond

  • Jeff Kerr

    Loved the Benny Hill digging music :)

    Good luck in the quest – you could always dig down to bedrock and start branch mining, which can be boring but you’ll find some diamond eventually… though searching deep caves would probably be more fun!

  • Dang, Skeletor bests He-Man but is foiled by Diamond!

  • Squishy

    Jeff: That was what I did.

    I built a vertical shaft straight down with ladders (I know I saw it on someone else’s video series) then went sideways until I found a cave system. All of my previous random digging attempts had managed to miss caves completely so this was my last gasp.

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