Videopost: Minecraft, Day 15 – The Search for Snow

In which I investigate a few more of the recent changes to Minecraft that came in with the Halloween patch. Compass and watch in hand, I venture forth in search of strange new biomes!

As promised I’ve uploaded a fresh map rendering. It’s rather large, so might take a little while for you to download. (The little green arrow will blow it up to full size if you’re looking at it from this page.) My original map area is the squarish area that makes up the top right side. You can just about make out my portals, and torches. The new area fits somewhat clunkily on to that, often with wildly discordant borders. I guess that’s what you get when the world generating code changes. As you can see, I’m snowless so far, but I’ll keep on looking. I am surprised though. Videos I’ve seen made snowy biomes seem far more common.

Update: Cartographer also tells us how many of each sort of block are within my generated world:

Block amounts:
Air: 60168519
Stone: 57736088
Grass: 658214
Dirt: 5777853
Snow: 99
Snow blocks: 0

Water: 851091
Ice: 0
Lava: 454319

Obisidian: 5255

Trunk: 26391
Leaves: 308532
Wood: 0
Cactus: 89
Pumpkin: 26

Sand: 851284
Gravel: 1829730
Clay: 418

Gold Ore: 31588
Iron Ore: 309587
Coal Ore: 639205
Diamond Ore: 13264
Redstone: 105683

Cobble: 8407
Glass: 4
Cloth: 0
Gold: 0
Iron: 0
Diamond: 0

Farmland: 0
Crops: 0
Reed: 32
Torch: 273
Jack-O-Lantern: 0
CraftTable: 2
Chest: 106
Furnace: 2
Wooden Doors: 2
Iron Doors: 0
Signs: 0
Ladder: 4
Railtracks: 32
Wooden Stairs: 0
Rock Stairs: 48
Lever: 0

Oho! According to that, there’s 99 snow blocks. I think I can see them on the map (I had originally thought it was more sand, but looking closer I see it’s a slightly different colour), not terribly far from where I finished, so I’ll head that way next time! I see there is also pumpkin, but I don’t think we’ll be able to spot them from the map, but perhaps I’ll run into some eventually.

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  • FoolInjection

    Hey Ark,

    You’ve found different biomes for sure. The effect your seeing with the grass is down to the way the biome textures are just now. The grass changes colour depending on the biome type, so the really dry dirty green grass you seen was because it was bordering on desert, it’ll be a darker more lush green nearer more tropical rainforest type biomes. However the colour of the grass on the sides of blocks hasn’t been patched to change colour yet so it stays the default green for now regardless of where you are.

    The foliage on the trees also changes with the biome type.

    I’ve started a couple of new maps since the patch and snow is really abundant in them so I can only guess because your on an older map that there isn’t as much or any at all. Either that or I’ve just been really lucky to find shed loads of snow in mine.

  • Jim


    Did you notice 106 chests!?!

    That means, unless you made hundreds, you have lots of dungeons on your map!

    • I sure did! I guess with the map as big as it is now, there was bound to be a lot of dungeons down there. Hope I get to run into some more soon!

  • Spyro1666

    how’dyou render your map

  • Spyro1666

    hi, great videos, what program do you use to screen record… if you could reply that would be great..

    • I’m not sure what you mean. I’ve replied to every single comment you’ve ever posted here.

      Anyhows, I use Fraps to record them, and Windows Movie Maker to edit them.

  • Spyro1666

    sorry, i didn’tmean to offend with the first part, i was just being polite….