LOTRO: A Race Through the Haunted Burrow walkthrough video.

I’ve still not gotten around to sampling the Halloween fare of all the other MMO’s I currently have access to. I’ve been having too much fun just fiddling around in LOTRO. It has been so many years since I last played it that it has had a chance to redevelop that delicious new game smell.

I’ve been meaning to test whether my computer can capture high resolution videos for games like LOTRO for a while. Today was the perfect time to find out, when a friend asked me for help with one of the Haunted Burrow quests. It’s a timed one called Race Through the Haunted Burrow, and if you’ve not got your route sorted out in your head in advance, it can be a bit tricky.

I recorded it using Fraps at full screen resolution, and my machine seems to have coped, which is a relief. I record the Minecraft ones at half resolution, because you’re unlikely to really notice. Anyhows, hopefully YouTube will treat it kindly, and it’ll be decent enough to let folks be able to have a good look at the radar map if they need.

Now I know this can be done, I shall have to consider how to make use of it. With great power comes great irresponsibility.

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  • Colin

    Nice first LOTRO post, mate. Well done and thanks. Say hi to Elking on Eldar server if you play there :-}