Do you know Jack? Episode one of “Jack Steel and the Starblade” is released!


Chocks away, chaps! Finally, the adventures of His Majesty’s finest band of good-doers are available for your entertainment. It’s a Trap Productions, and a few of their friends, have banded together to tell a tale of daring-do in the Britain of the 1930’s. I was fortunate enough to land the role of Jack, so I’m more than a little excited about the whole business!

You can learn more about Jack Steel and the Starblade over at the official site. There’ll be a fresh podcast episode every Monday. Well, until we run out and have to make some more!

If I have the embed code working correctly, you should be able to listen to episode one by fiddling with the buttons below. If you enjoy our weekly antics, don’t forget to let your friends know about them too!

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