Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure : Episode 23

In the last episode I claimed there was an unstable Thaumcraft vis node south of my base. Today, I show how I could have known that without goggles, and go to check it out a bit more closely.

I also do a bit of vegetable farming.

Mods Encountered

Thaumcraft by Azanor : The obsidian altar will continue to pump out aggressive-aspected wisps until I deal with the spawner. As it’s embedded inside obsidian, I couldn’t do that today. Even if I could destroy it, I’m somewhat reluctant to, as wisps can drop some useful ingredients.

Mo Creatures by Dr Zhark and Bloodshot42 : I’ll probably need to put fences around my farms eventually, as Mo Creatures is filled with critters who like messing with your crops.

Natura by mDiyo : Natura adds cotton and barley seeds to grass drops, as well as the pants themselves growing in the wild.

Forestry by SirSengir : I now have some visible cross-bred leaf blocks on the trees near my hives. Most exciting, but I’m leaving them where they are until I can analyse their genetic structure and pick the best saplings for the next generation.

2 comments to Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure : Episode 23

  • Dulciphi

    This episode was the best. I learned so much. “Aggressive aspected whisps”? That means there’s other types of whisps? This ep also made me wonder what would happen if you mined all of the infused stone from around an altar. That’s not something I think I want to try myself, though. I’m keen to just keep watching you deal with it :)

    • Each wisp is of a particular aspect. As you know, when you have essence left over at the end of a crucible combine, that goes to the local node as flux. The flux has the same aspect, and that determines what weirdness occurs. If you get a wisp, it’ll have the aspect of the flux that caused it. Some are aggressive and some aren’t.

      For the wisps that come out of the wisp spawners embedded in the altars, they always have an aggressive aspect. They’re not caused by flux results. Though the unstable node that comes with the altar can also put out wisps, I expect.