The Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure : Episode 10

Spoiler Alert!!! In this episode I show how to get around the security of a vanilla desert temple. If you’ve not done that before, you might want to skip this one. I won’t mind!

Grimoire of Gaia by Silentine : The desert holds new dangers in the form of GoG’s Cockatrice and Harpy. Not everything Silentine makes is out to kill you though. Those Centaur I found on the edge of the plains are quite peaceful. Unless you annoy them, then they’ll turn you into a pin-cushion.

Project Zulu by Crudedragos : The rhino, and also those giraffe I saw in the distance. Might also be responsible for the pyramid, but won’t be able to tell until I take a look inside.

Natura by mDiyo : Those Saguaro cactus are just one of many plants Natura adds to the world.

Thaumcraft by Azanor: Thaumium is a magical alloy from Thuamcraft. It’s only about as strong as iron, but it is highly enchantable. Being an axe, the thaumium tool I found probably won’t be super-useful, but I’ll enchant it up at some point as see how it turns out.

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