Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure : Episode 15

Quickly throwing together a miner’s backpack from the Forestry mod, I head back into the Abandoned Mineshaft area of my local caverns, in search of riches.

A dangerous business, but sometimes coming home is as dangerous as the adventure!

Mods Encountered

Forestry by Sir Sengir : I’ve got 3 of the Forestry backpacks now, and still want to collect the set. There’s also 45-slot versions of all of these, but I’ll need Buildcraft power to make those.

Grimoire of Gaia by Silentine : A griffon in my house! I’m assuming it got in through the open door while I was away in the caves, but there is a possibility it or the skeleton managed to spawn inside my home. I shall have to take more precautions!

Wild Caves by Alexmania : With the shears I made last episode, Wild Caves’ webs are a source of string as well as a source of danger!

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