The Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure : Episode 4

I return to the Hidden Valley to plunder its magic-infused stone. The locals don’t looks too happy to see me though. I also get some home improvements and a little gardening done.

Tomorrow, we investigate the mysterious house by the river!

Mods Mentioned:

Thaumcraft. The infused stone that was my main goal today is half what I need to craft my first Thaumaturgical wand.

Metallurgy is the source of many of the other ores I encountered.

Natura provided those delicious berry bushes that will hopefully help me stave off starvation.

Special Monsters. If you were wondering why so many of my skeletons and zombies have equipment, or behave in slightly unusual ways, look no further than Father Toast’s Special Monsters.

Wild Caves adds a bit of extra variety to underground areas, including those stalagmites I encountered today. The effect will become much more obvious once I head into a proper cave system.

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