Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 34 : Buildcraft Stirling Engines

I am knee deep in bees, and so it follows that I am also getting swamped with honey combs. Trying to centrifuge them all just using the clockwork engine is going to give me wrist-strain. It is time to upgrade my Buildcraft energy system.

I show how to make energy pipes, chutes, and Stirling engines, and do some wiring behind the walls.

Mods Encountered

Buildcraft 3.7.1 maintained by CovertJaguar: Since I recorded this episode I’ve run an energy pipe as far as the enchanting chamber underneath the east wizard tower. Even wizards want to be connected to the grid! I’m still deciding how I want to work the oil refining.

I’ve also put a chute on the Stirling Engine itself, realising it’s a great place to throw any unwanted saplings and wooden items.

Forestry by Sir Sengir: My bees are coming along really well. I’m working on improving the quality of my mundane bees before I get too far into more advanced and tricksy species. By crossing my Forest Bees with some Modest bees from the desert, I have managed to, after a lot of back-crossing, develop a stable line of nocturnal Forest Bees. Being able to work during both day and night, they’re far more productive than their ancestors. That hive is now turning out high quality drones that I can put into more complex breeding programmes.

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