Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure : Episode 18

With my starter hives running, it’s time to go in search of more of the mundane bee species I have Forest and Meadow, but can I find Modest, Wintry, Tropical, and Marshy?. A trip around the surrounding biomes is needed.

May contain moderate amounts of peril..

Mods encountered

Forestry by Sir Sengir: There was another swamp biome near the village. I might head out there tomorrow for a look around.

Magic Bees by MysticAges : The poisonous effect around Tropical hives is nothing compared with what can happen near the hives of magical bees.

Utility Mobs by Father Toast : I shall miss the dear old Luggage. He shall be reborn just as soon as I get my hands on another skeleton skull. From watching the video back, I think he must have tried to enter the wizard tower via the underwater entrance, and drowned. I should fill that in.

Grimoire of Gaia by Silentine : It was the GoG home invasion special today, with a Sphinx in my temple, and a Valkyrie in my house. I’ve been skimping on torches to save coal, but I think I’d better get both of them lit up better.

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