Age of Conan Patch Notes for the 31st of July

The player city resource zone revamp has arrived, with a variety of camps springing up throughout the areas. I’m looking forward to seeing whether the changes, ostensibly to provide alchemists somewhere to gather resources for their crafts, will liven up the Lacheish Plains a little bit.

Bind on Equip and Bind on Pickup have been added to loot. It’s funny how many games seem to think they can do without this, and then add it some time after release (as […]

Age of Conan Patch Notes for the 17th of July

I’m quite excited about this one, for several reasons.

Finally architects will have their deeds returned to them after showing them to the trainer. As each tier 1 deed costs 125 silver to make, having to make an entire set just to advance was incredibly expensive for small guilds. Although I’ll have to go back and make some deeds I already used, it’s still going to reduce our costs massively.

The first of the player city improvements have arrived. […]

Combined Age of Conan Patch Notes for the 10th of July

This is first patch to have spent some time on the Testlive server before being released. Due to this, hopefully from hereon in there will be an increased level of stability in the updates.

Update: Another set of update notes came out later in the day, consisting of items that were missed from the first notes. For ease of use, I have consolidated the two sets.

One socially important change is that interfering in other people’s fights will reduce the […]

Age of Conan Patch Notes for the 2nd of July

A small patch with no new content. I’m intrigued to see that they plugged holes in the walls of the player cities in the resource zone. Currently such cities are not attackable, to my knowledge, with sieges being restricted to the Border Kingdoms, so why need to worry about their walls? I wonder what they’re planning with the PvP update that’s coming up.

I’m actually too busy to play at the moment, but will be back in action from tomorrow. […]

Age of Conan Patch Notes for the 26th of June

This latest update has caused the servers to become a bit unstable. The new Alchemist’s Cache item appears to have been responsible, and has been deactivated, but the server instability is persisting. The issue is being worked on.

The Update notes for the 26th of June continue below:


Age of Conan Patch Notes for the 23rd of June

With no patch last Thursday, we’ve been treated to a doublesized beast of a patch today.

Bags, including the pre-order bag, have been increased in size. I can’t tell you how much of a stress-reliever this is going to be for me, at least until I fill up all my new slots with snacks and potions. It’s just a small change, but comes under “quality of life”, and will make a lot of people happier.

Heading into the game to […]

Age of Conan Patch Notes for the 16th of June

Another impressively large patch for the beginning of the week. By patching twice weekly, Funcom is now really making excellent progress through the backlog of issues that need to be addressed.

The most notable change, for myself, is the increasing of resource stack sizes to 1000. This will allow us to consolidate our many stacks of sandstone and other goods, freeing up much space in our resource inventories. In fact (Not that this was an issue for us), it was […]