In which I dislike UFO:Extraterrestrials

I’ve been suffering from a lack of strategy gaming, so I picked up UFO:Extraterrestrials on Steam this morning. I love the old XCOM games, and the Aftermath series was also passable, so I figured I’d give this more recent remake a try. This was a mistake.

It started with some of the worst voice-acting I have ever sat through:

And it carried on from there, badly lacking polish of any sort. And this was UFO:Extraterrestrials GOLD, the improved version. You should not be able to fail with a UFO game, but they had somehow made controlling your squad so painful and joyless, paired with graphics and animation straight out of the early 90s, that I could not go on. It felt like shareware, and not in a Commander Keen / Doom sort of way. A waste of good money. Bah.

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