Question: Is Notch the Zoology Dragon?

It’s an important question that just occurred to me while I was contemplating the universe in the bath. This song pre-dates Minecraft by several years, but there are a number of striking similarities. Most notably that both Notch, creator of Minecraft, and the Zoology Dragon invent animals THAT ARE MADE OF CUBES!!! They have even both worked on the Cubification of Cows.

Minecraft Cow Cube 550x419

Cow. Cube. Cowuube.

Perhaps it would be best if we take the Zoology Dragon’s warnings seriously, and pay attention to the surface tension as we interact with the many creatures within the World of Minecraft.

My Favourite Eurovision Songs – Divine, France’s 2008 Entry

Eurovision 2010 is tomorrow, hopefully with more wonderful songs to keep me posting next year.

Sebastian Tellier’s “Divine” neatly encapsulated so much of what I love about Eurovision. As I always shout at our Eurovision parties, you’ve got to have a gimmick, and this performance had them in abundance! A little car! Women with beards! Funny walking!! A world filled with helium that the singer ingests! Encore!

A couple of my other favourite Eurovision songs:


Wild Dances

The Secret World – Tentacles!!!

Funcom’s latest MMO outing, The Secret World, dropped its embargo today. Interviews and previews are popping up all over the shop. I’ve not had the chance to rummage fully through them all yet.

However, heavily influenced by Lovecraft, there is one thing that we can be sure it will possess in abundance.


I always hoped that someone would build an MMO based on the Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG. The great thing about it is that you would only really need a rich and interesting character creation system, and the tutorial zone. Nobody would ever survive that tutorial zone, drastically cutting down on the need to provide any actual content.

That would be a good project for Cryptic, come to think of it.

The Secret World does not sound as if it will be quite as brutal as my vision of Call of Cthulhu, though it has taken an axe to many of the traditional MMO structures. With no classes or levels, and a slightly weird sounding power slotting system that reminds me of picking cards for your deck in Wizard 101, it sounds genuinely fresh, and I’m looking forward to getting my grubby pseudopods upon it, and investigating further.

My Favourite Eurovision Songs – Romanca, Croatia’s 2008 entry.

This performance is two for the price of one. With Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cents’ “Romanca” you get the spectacle of a septuagenarian rapping in Croatian, paired with a genuinely haunting song. It was especially notable for its excellent selection of hats.

Miserably,they only came 21st out of 25, with 44 points. I suspect the lyrics are a bit too meaningful and depressing for the tastes of most Eurovision judges. For me, it was the best song of the year, though it would probably be improved by 75 Cents not shouting in the middle.

Free Realms: Pirates!!!

This screenshot was just posted up on Twitter. What does it mean?

Free Realms Pirates 500x301

The Free Realms Pirate Treasure Hunting minigame!

It means that Pirates are coming to Free Realms! No longer will those pesky Ninja get to rule the roost, for their nemesis is upon them. I think I just found a new favourite career.

There had been rumours that the scurvy swabs might be incoming, ever since a sharp-eyed dataminer found piratical content in some of the gamefiles. Now we know for sure.

There’s no real details as yet beyond that screenshot, but it matters not one jot, for you see, as I’ve said before, Pirates make everything better!

Update: The Free Realms blog just put up a little bit more information, and some more pictures.

You may have seen some of the mysterious pictures that “leaked” earlier this week on our forums, twitter and Facebook pages. And, while we are still trying to figure out who the sneaky mole is, I can announce that “Pirate’s Plunder” is the next 3-D mini-game that will be out later this week! In addition to the launch of this extremely cool game there are also new pirate-oriented clothing and housing items available, new characters around the world, and just generally awesome pirate-ish-ness going on. (You know you need a pirate ship outside your house, right? Yarr!) – David Georgeson

I’m still unclear as to whether Pirate is going to be a new job or not, but either way I’m looking forward to setting sail when Pirates come to Free Realms!

UPDATE: More information! Pirate’s Plunder will be arriving this very Friday. I’ll start polishing me cutlass. Avast ye!

My Favourite Eurovision Songs – Wild Dances.

The UK picked our representative for the Eurovision song contest at the weekend. As has been usual, recently, our entry is going to be boring and uninspired. But that’s alright, as I’m sure the other nations will provide some fine entertainment, and some great music, not always at the same time! It saddens me that my US friends miss out on this yearly spectacular!

Over the next few weeks I’m going to post some of my favourite Eurovision songs of the last few years.

Today, the lovely Ruslana of Ukraine, with Wild Dances. I loved this track the first moment I heard it, and it was no surprise at all when it won. Blending traditional Ukrainian melodies and instruments with a heart-pounding beat, it is an astonishingly fun song to dance to when you’re out clubbing, if you can find a DJ who’ll play it. Failing that, it’s also pretty good to do the hoovering to. Crank up the bass, and have a listen!

The Ewok Celebration Song – Celebrate the Love!

It appears that the Ewoks have been roped in to be the mascots of what passes for Valentine’s Day celebrations over in Star Wars Galaxies. Is it a rule over there that every festival has to be tied to a furry humanoid? Folks are still trying to lose the pounds they gained during the Wookie lifeday festival. Are Ewoks particularly wise in the ways of love?

Anyway, this is as good an excuse as any to indulge in one of my favourite things. Barbershop Quartet!

Lets sing along!

Yub nub, eee chop yub nub;
Ah toe meet toe peechee keene,
G’noop dock fling oh ah.
Yahwah, eee chop yahwah;
Ah toe meet toe peechee keene,
G’noop dock fling oh ah.
Coatee chah tu yub nub;
Coatee chah tu yahwah;
Coatee chah tu glowah;
Allay loo ta nuv.
Glowah, eee chop glowah;
Ya glowah pee chu nee foam,
Ah toot dee awe goon daa.
Coatee cha tu goo; (Yub nub!)
Coatee cha tu doo; (Yahwah!)
Coatee cha tu too; (Ya chaa!)
Allay loo ta nuv,
Allay loo ta nuv,
Allay loo ta nuv!

If you’re feeling warm and fuzzy after that, you can ruin it all by watching this old Star Wars music related post from a while back.