Meet Theonilla, my Golden Compass Daemon

She’s a big cutie! I’m sure you’ve probably seen this meme already. If not, you can get your own Golden Compass Daemon from their website. It’s quite fun, and the website is extremely well done, and atmospheric.

As noted purveyor of violent movies, Chuck Norris says:

I normally don’t critique others’ movies, but this one not only warrants critiquing but condemning. The reason is it will very subtly push agnosticism, atheism, secularism and anti-Christian thoughts upon youthful minds and hearts.

“The Golden Compass” is more than enough proof to demonstrate the Christmas culture wars are alive and well. We’ve drifted so far way from the innocence of Christmas movies like Jimmy Stewart’s “It’s a Wonderful Life.” We’ve shifted from celebrating a savior to crying out for more secularism.

I respect artistic ability and one’s right to freedom of speech, religion and creativity, but that does not mean I or millions of others have to agree with or tolerate it. It is also my American right to say, “My name is Chuck Norris, and I disapprove of this movie.” And it’s also others’ rights to not frequent a theater showing it.

I’ve not seen the movie, nor indeed read the books, but then again, neither has Chuck Norris, so I guess my opinion on the matter is as valid as his, although I am less adept at kicking people in the face.

The Golden Compass does sound rather anti-religious, and that’s OK. If it causes people to think for themselves a little bit, and ask questions of themselves, it can only do good. Christianity has survived 2000 years of being questioned. It has survived schism and occasional persecution. It has even been known to change its dogma. I suspect it can probably handle a movie with kick-ass computer-animated polar bears. The outcry of the religious right whenever a movie like this comes out just makes them look paranoid and weak, as if their faith is so fragile that it could be shattered by watching a children’s film. Mind you, these are the same folks that condemn Dungeons and Dragons, video games, and any music with a decent beat.

Why do I get the feeling Chuck Norris is standing right behind me…..

Have you seen the film, or read the books? What are they like, and should I give them a try? Oh, and if you tried the Daemon quiz, what did you get?