Million Madman March

The Ohio Militia is calling for a show of strength against those evil liberals.

A peaceful demonstration of at least a million — hey, if we can get 10 million, even better — but at least one million armed militia men marching on Washington. A peaceful demonstration. No shooting, no one gets hurt. Just a demonstration. The only difference from any typical demonstration is we will all be armed.

A million armed right-wing nut-jobs gathered in the one place that symbolises everything their lizard brains loathe. What could possibly go wrong? It is extremely doubtful they could muster anything like a million, but even a few thousand armed folks of that mindset could cause a lot of trouble.

Here is another video by the same gentleman, Pale Horse.

The thing that strikes me about it is how similar it is in style to the sort of video we often see from al-Qaeda. Masked, with his voice altered, a gun at his side, speaking words of fear. Right wing hate is on the rise in the US, catalysed by the unexpected development of a non-white President. I fear for the future of America.

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  • Malk aka "Gotthardt"

    Hiyas Neil wassup :-)

    On the first video: I would love to see a “million man” march of armed Americans, especially as I suspect it would be perfectly peaceful and event free. But that’s just it – that would be like having a British million man march of people who like curry – it could include almost anyone and what would be the point of the “protest”? Certainly less problematic and confrontational than the G20 “protesters” in London recently. Heh, to risk levity for a moment I might also point out that they are much MUCH less likely to be assaulted by the police, whether the police support them or not (although I also suspect they would have the support of most police).

    If I lived in the US I would own a gun. Probably a few. If I lived in a conceal-carry state I would do the course and occasionally, maybe even often would carry one about with me. Am I a right-wing nut-job? Pale-horse seems to be more than a little paranoid and needs to have explained to him that the government is not OUT TO GET HIM WITH ITS ZOMFG MIND CONTROL SATELLITES!!11!! But beyond that I doubt I’d look at him twice in the street out of his (slightly larger than) life-size GI Joe Predator/Alien hunting set. Exactly what he has said which makes him right-wing I don’t see – try to keep your own prejudices in check, old chap!

    Guns do not equal criminal, guns do not equal right-wing, guns do not equal murderous or sociopathic, guns do not equal anarchist.

    The USA has an obscenely high murder-rate, but when you look at countries like Finland, Switzerland and Canada that have almost exactly the same (or even higher) gun ownership rates but without the muder rates, something else is to blame. I’m afraid the NRA is right – the roots of the problem are societal, not firearms. OTOH I don’t agree with pale-horse that owning a gun decreases the risk of losing ones liberty and self-determination either, but he can have his guns for all I care.

    On the second video – yes the parallels are interesting, except I suspect he’s hiding his identity more due to the (mostly but not entirely irrational) fear of being demonized by the same press that associated his group with the Oklahoma bombings, in addition to fear of TEH GOVMNT OMFG COMING TO GET HIMZ WITH MENZ IN BLACK. Also his message speaks of a fear of big government (which by pale-horses standards probably means any government which takes up more than 3 parking spaces) rather than any race/culture of people. I don’t see HATE here, just a very mild flavour of paranoia which isn’t all that rare in the US.

    Well, I’m done being devil’s advocate for today, on a completely unrelated note, are you now inactive in WAR? I think I’m the last active member of Domus Doctus so was seriously considering folding the guild and just joining one of the RP guilds on Burlok. If you like I’ll transfer leadership to Osgard so all the levels and banked stash is kept, should Thargan, Flere, yourself and/or anyone else can pick it up again in the future, what are your thoughts?

  • “Exactly what he has said which makes him right-wing I don’t see – try to keep your own prejudices in check, old chap!”

    I suggest you do some research on the militia movement in the US, and what they and the tea party movement have been up to recently before you decide I’m prejudiced. The militias, eliminationists, and the white supremacists are all quite intertwined, and it has been getting very ugly out there.

    I think you may have thought I was arguing against gun ownership. Not today. I was just arguing against these guys.

    I thought you might have quit WAR. When I popped back after Christmas, no-one had been on for ages. Anyhows, I don’t think I’ll be coming back to it, so do whatever you need to do to find good folks to play with. Might as well transfer the leadership, just in case, I guess.