Michael McConnell speaks, but to who?

From the BBC.

The new US director of national intelligence, Michael McConnell, has made an appearance in public at a convention – a relatively rare thing for someone in that job to do, reports the BBC’s Security Correspondent Frank Gardner.

Every morning, six days a week, he goes to the White House to brief the president. So what keeps him awake at night?

“If someone were to have a sophisticated attack on our financial services system, let’s just say cyber network broadly, at the same time that they mailed, through the US mail, FedEx and UPI, the equivalent of letters sprinkled with anthrax, it would have a devastating impact,” Mr McConnell says.

“If they chose the right place, right time, right season, it would have an even more overwhelming devastating impact.”

This has been another edition of “Mike’s Top Terrorism Tips.”.

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