David Abrahams admits to knowingly breaking the law.

Labour general secretary Peter Watt has resigned following the revelation that a property developer made donations to the party via two colleagues.
David Abrahams, who gave more than £400,000 through associates, said Mr Watt’s resignation was “sad”.

Mr Watt told a meeting of officers of Labour’s National Executive Committee he had known about the arrangement.

Under the law, those making donations on behalf of others must give details of who is providing the money.

Mr Abrahams and Mr Watt thought it was perfectly legal to channel donation through third partys. How utterly naive can you get? If that was allowed, then any foreign power that felt like it could buy our whole political system.

Then later he said this:

Mr Abrahams insisted that Mr Ruddick and Mrs Kidd were fully aware of the destination of the cheques they signed. He said he objected to the requirements for major donors’ identities to be made public, introduced by Tony Blair in 2000 as part of his campaign to “clean up politics”.

“If you make donations to a political party, you are hounded in a way that you are not if you make them to other worthwhile causes.”

Oh, you object to THAT law. Why didn’t you say so? It’s quite alright to break the law if you object to it.

I, for instance, object to the law that prevents me from throwing you out of this window.

So you chose to break the law, because you objected to a requirement brought in by the person you were giving the money to. You knowingly committed a serious crime. Not liking the law is not a very good defense, as thousands of cannabis smokers find out every year, but then again, you’re probably a whole lot richer than they are.

Send him to the Tower.

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