In which I show signs of temporary employment.

Hi, I’m Arkenor Oakshadow.
You may know me from such quality productions as Oil Rig Disaster, and Oil Rig Disaster II.

Yes indeedy! Next week, for two days only, I shall be playing the part of the moaning injured bloke in a safety scenario being run for oil rig workers. It’s minimum wage, but it IS acting! More importantly, I get lunch free!!! I hope it turns out well, and they keep me on their files.

We’ll be running through a variety of disaster scenarios. I have informed them that I do a particularly good zombie, should that be needed. I, for one, would not feel safe on board an oil rig that was not adequately prepared for zombie infestations and bodysnatching blobs.

I’ll see if they let me take a few snaps on the day, and will report how it goes.

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