Lightsabers Online

I’ve been trying to not pay too much attention to Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic, so as to not get caught up in the incredible amount of hype surrounding it, but I have to admit it, this video makes me really excited.

What excites me most in this video is the way that lightsabers appear to be synchronised with everything else that is going on around them. They seem to really clash, and block incoming fire. If that is truly how it will work ingame then I think it is a massive step in making MMO combat feel genuinely immersive.

My main worry is that they may have made lightsabers so awesome-looking that nobody wants to play any of the other classes. Flamethrowers and bombs have their own coolness factor, of course, but I didn’t spend my childhood making their sound effects while whirling sticks around at great risk to all nearby eyeballs. It was lightsabers all the way.

We’ll almost all want to play a Jedi or Sith. Such is our birthright. But we’ll still probably be annoyed by how many Jedi there are everywhere.

4 comments to Lightsabers Online

  • Longasc

    Apparently Jedi and Sith will be the “TANKS”.

    Who knows, maybe this will become the “LF DPS !!1!!!1!” MMO? :)

  • Gizbyt the Squig herder

    Eh I plan on atleast checking out the other classes first before I fall into a Jedi/Sith class I think..

  • Most of my interest and excitement died off when they announced a 2011 release date. Even though I really enjoyed the video, I’m still having a problem maintaining any interest yet.

  • Malkavelli

    Ye, its too early to say whether or not Ill get this, ATM im pretty sure Ill have nothing to do with it, but then I said that about WoW and got it only 2 weeks after release. I do like the idea where tanks are plentiful and DPS is rare :-) especially as if I played this game I’d be a DPSer for sure.