WoW: Osgard is on a goat.

World Of Warcraft Grey Ram Mount 550x376

Osgard is on a goat.

Och Aye!
Get yon axes ready it’s about to go down (yeah, shawty)
Everybody in the place hit the blasted deck (yeah, shawty)
Who ye calling shorty?
Pass the alekeg, let’s go.

I’m on a goat (I’m on a goat)
I’m on a goat (I’m on a goat)
Everybody look at me cause I be ridin’ on a goat (ridin on a goat)
I’m on a goat (I’m on a goat)
I’m on a goat
Take a good hard look at me level 20 goat (goat, yeah)

I’m on a goat oh ye Hordies take a look at me yo!
Straight blastin on me goat around Dun Morogh!
Boostin 60 per cent, wind whippin at me coat!
You can’t catch me ye daft trog because I’m on me goat!

Fascinating indeed! You do know that’s actually a ram, yes? A ram being a male sheep, rather than any sort of goat.


Oh, don’t let me interrupt. Pray continue with your fine song!


Och! Nevermind. I not be feelin’ it any more.

I was never able to afford a mount the first time I played WoW. This time, I easily gathered what used to be a rather large amount of money, five gold, by selling copper ore on the auction house. A single stack of 20 copper ore, which if you have some basic knowledge of where to find ore nodes takes just a few minutes to gather. But that’s real money. As a comparison, by level 20, when the mount and riding skill become buyable, Osgard had gathered about 1 gold through normal means.

It’s not unusual for MMO economies to change drastically over the course of their lives. As the level cap rises, even the junkiest of the loot and quest rewards found at high level become worth serious amounts of money, so low level goods becomes valued by time investment, and the potential value of time increases with every expansion. To a level 80, ten minutes is probably worth significantly more than 5 gold. Anything which is sold player to player suffers from massive inflation, while things bought only from NPCs for static prices become comparatively trivial to acquire.

Which is all good for me, as it has allowed a bit of a mount buying spree for my old characters.

World Of Warcraft Green Mechanostrider Mount 550x454

Skultroon is on a Green Mechanostrider.

3 comments to WoW: Osgard is on a goat.

  • Hehe. Good point! I know that a lot of these “perks” are basically money-sinks and e-peen extensions, but not being able to afford a house in LotRO annoys me…having to work the AH to get money to afford these things annoys me. Mounts help you move faster, which is good. For some people having a house is more important then raiding. EQ2’s housing system is great, because you can get low-cost inn rooms, or larger houses…and you can install decor that lessens your rent.

  • I still want a motorcycle in WoW. SOMEDAY!!!!

  • Rating the product: It’s a game time/Sony Station Cash card. You reeedm it for goods and services for SOE games. It does exactly what is says it does.Rating the availability: Amazon really should get a larger stock of these in, as they seem to be constantly sold out.

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