Videopost: Minecraft, Multiplayer Special

It’s been a busy week again, but I’ve found the time towards the end of it to get involved with Blue Kae‘s multiplayer server. Let me show you around!!!

Also starring Petter of Don’t Fear the Mutant as Boba Fett, and Stefferoo of MMO Gamerchick as Egg-throwing Road-laying Person.

Edit: Ahoy to all the folks visiting from the kind links my friends have provided! If you’re interested in my single-player videos, that series begins here.

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  • Squishy

    If you go back to SP after this video as you say then you at least need to give us a screenshot of the finished Skull Castle.

    …and I thought your Skeletor impression was perfectly fine. :)

    • Thanks :)

      I’ll be sure to check back in with the multiplayer server again. Skull Castle is looking far better already, and everyone else is just as busy building things!

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  • Eek

    These videos are great! If you’re after more suggestions as to things to do, I’d love to see you do stuff with redstone…

    • I’ve not found much in my single player game. I have found a few stacks of it in multiplayer though, so I’ll be sure to be doing some experimenting!

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  • Great video! Looks like a blast. Thanks for sharing!