Osgard’s guide to Engineer Turrets

Avast ye!!

Greetin’s, denizens o’ the Old World. I be Osgard Blatterzarn, Dwarven Engineer, and today I’m going to be answering a few questions from the beardlings and beardless about the miracles o’ modern technology that are the Engineer Turrets. So often, on the battlefield, I’ll be beset by damn fool questions, and told not to be so noisy. Now I can just be tellin’ ’em to read the manual!

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Your turrets’ll get better as you level, but, and this is a great big but, and I cannot lie, each turret falls into a different one o’ our mastery paths, and the turrets from the paths you don’t put points into will slowly fall behind. So, after a time, likely you’ll have one turret thats significantly better than the others. T’is a shame, but you will still find situations where you’ll be wanting to use one of your less powerful turrets.

So, let’s be introducing ’em!

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The Gun Turret

This here is the first turret you get, the Gun Turret. This is part o’ the Rifleman mastery path. With a range of 100 feet, you’ll find yourself relying on this workhorse a lot. It does regular damage, blocked by armour, and has 2 special attacks.

Penetrating Round’ll do a single target a whack o’ damage, but more importantly it’ll strip a lot of armour from your target for 20 seconds.

Machine Gun fires a lot of small shots at your single target rapidly. It makes a hell o’ a racket, and the dainty elves will complain constantly about it, mark my words!

This is the turret you want to be using any time you’re facing a single opponent in RvR. Stripping their armour will allow your own regular damage attacks to work a whole lot better. This is also the turret to use when you’re concerned about upsetting more enemies than you can handle. The following two turrets will invariably end up pulling additional enemies.

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The Bombardment Turret

Next up, it’s the Bombardment Turret, part o’ the Grenadier mastery path. This is our middle range turret, with a reach of 65 feet. Bombardment Turret’s do Corporeal Damage, and once again they have two special attacks.

Shock Grenade does corporeal damage to a single target. It’s really not very interestin’.

High Explosive Grenade is much more like it, doing corporeal damage to all enemies within 20 feet of the target.

I use this turret the least. Mostly I find it useful when I take part in attacking a Keep. I set it up to attack the oil machines above the gate. As turrets are not blocked by obstacles, it can often shoot the oil even in keeps where I ‘ave trouble finding a spot to shoot the oil meself.

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The Flame Turret

Finally, here’s me favourite. A turret worthy o’ the name! The Flame Turret! This is part of the Tinkering mastery path.

Flame Thrower does damage to all targets within 65 feet in front of the turret (depending on which way it’s facing at the time). This can snag a whole lot o’ enemies. It doesn’t mention a damage type, so it might be normal damage. I suspect it’s elemental or corporeal though. Either way, they won’t be likin’ it up ’em!

Steam Vent is the reason I like this turret so much. By releasing a cloud of superheated steam it blasts all enemies within 30 feet with corporeal damage every second. If some greenskin be beating ye up, I can be strongly recommending standing next to me flame turret.

I use this turret in RvR all the time. Any time theres a decent clump o’ enemies in hand to hand with your mates, is a time to nip over there, drop a flame turret, and run like heck. And as I said earlier, they make a great bit of back up for your wizards and healers if they get in trouble. The damage ain’t massive, but can make all the difference.

Whooosh! Taste steam, evil-doers!!!

Whooosh! Taste steam, evil-doers!!!

It’s important to note that in no situation do our turrets ever do impressive amounts of damage to individual opponents, though the AOE attacks can certainly add up, and the armour debuff of the gun turret can facilitate a large amount of damage indirectly.

So there now, that’s me notes on turrets. I hope ye be findin’ that useful, and if ye have any questions, well, ye can be askin’ ’em below.

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