SOE increases prices for European customers.

I received the following email yesterday. SOE is increasing European prices for a variety of currencies, claiming currency fluctuations.

I am not convinced. Seeing as my podcast co-host, Petter, is Swedish, let’s see how he’ll be treated under the new pricing. A month of an SOE game will now cost 130 Swedish Krona. According to current exchange rates, that’s £13.03 in UK money, or $20.31 in US dollars. The same digital product costs $14.99 in the US. To the naked eye this looks like nothing more than price-gouging. The Swedes were already paying far more than either the Americans or British.

The monthly pricing (before tax) for the named countries will now be as follows:

Denmark : $19.72
Euros: $17.38
Sweden: $20.31
United Kingdom: $14.06 (Yes, we’re actually cheaper than the US, before tax.)
Norway: $19.72
Switzerland: $17.37

We’re going to be talking about this on The Three MMOsketeers tomorrow, so I’d love to know what everyone thinks.

As a result of Sony Online Entertainment LLC’s ongoing commitment to our players to review global pricing and remain in line with exchange rate fluctuations, it is necessary for us to make adjustments to Membership pricing as outlined below.

In addition to Membership pricing, some Station Cash® prices will also be adjusted.

We are writing to notify you that these price changes will take effect on March 14th, 2013.

We truly appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Sony Online Entertainment LLC


Danish Krone (kr)
Current Price New Price
1 month 97.00 110.00
3 month 255.00 285.00
6 month 432.00 480.00
12 month 756.00 780.00
Euro (€)
Current Price New Price
1 month 12.99 12.99
3 month 34.47 35.97
6 month 59.94 59.94
12 month 95.88 95.88
British Pound (£)
Current Price New Price
1 month 8.99 8.99
3 month 22.47 25.17
6 month 38.94 46.14
12 month 71.88 77.88
Norwegian Kroner (kr)
Current Price New Price
1 month 100.00 110.00
3 month 264.00 300.00
6 month 462.00 510.00
12 month 792.00 780.00
Swedish Krona (kr)
Current Price New Price
1 month 115.00 130.00
3 month 306.00 360.00
6 month 546.00 600.00
12 month 876.00 960.00
Swiss Franc (CHF)
Current Price New Price
1 month 15.99 15.99
3 month 41.97 44.97
6 month 71.94 71.94
12 month 119.88 119.88

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