Free Realms June 4th / 5th Update notes.

Only got highlights info so far. I’ll update when and if full patch notes appear.

With patches coming on a weekly basis at the moment, I’ve been very satisfied with the amount of goodness in them. Of course, we are in the early phase of a game wherein the new content is mostly stuff that ideally would have been in at release, but wasn’t quite finished in time. Thus it is hard to judge accurately what the future flow of new things will be like, once the reserve of goodies is exhausted. Time, as they say, will tell. For now, I’m off to go play the Tower Defence quests in Snowhill, so I can dress up like a penguin!

Members Only – Quests

* * Four Tower Defense Strategists are offering special rewards for those that can master their favorite minigame!
* * Find Napoleon in Sanctuary, Houston at Farnum’s Farm, General Spattonug in Bristlewood, and Arci Joan in Snowhill for the different challenges

Items – Marketplace

* * Sprint Concert ’09 t-shirts now available in the marketplace for a limited time

User Interface

* * Chat channels have been added! Player area, trade and “LFG” (looking for group) are now available (Note – Chat range of standard chat has been reduced to allow for area chat)
* * Pet wearables can now be previewed in the Merchant window
* * Players can now view the duration of a spell in the tool tip icon of the player portrait
* * Collection categories have been added to help organize collection.


* * Added more pet names to the name wheel

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