Coke Zero – A call for a worldwide ban.

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez has banned Coke Zero, calling it “harmful to people’s well-being”, which I am assuming is a polite way of saying that it tastes like crap. I am a big consumer of colas, mostly of the sugared varieties, and especially Cherry Coke. I do, however, find Pepsi Max and Diet Coke to be drinkable, so I am not entirely biased against low sugar colas. The brown cloying liquid known as Coke Zero is a step too far for me. Nay, a thousand leagues too far! I begin to wish that I, too, were master of a nation, that I could rid its pestilence from the land.

I’d rather drink Tizer than Coke Zero. Ugh, I’d rather drink DIET Tizer.

Coke Zero is an insult to the senses, but actually it is not quite the worst big name cola I have ever drunk. That would be this:

The abomination that is Coke Zero Vanilla.

The abomination that is Coke Zero Vanilla.

Venezuela’s ban is a step in the right direction, but this needs escalating to the UN Security Council, for the sake of taste-buds everywhere.

3 comments to Coke Zero – A call for a worldwide ban.

  • diFss:eantástico!Essa já foi pro meu, pois cedo ou tarde eu vou precisar de algo assim e não vou me lembrar o endereço =PAbraço!

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