Warhammer Online’s Welcome Back Quests

As I mentioned in the post declaring my glorious return to the Warhammer battlefield, players coming back under the returning players scheme have access to some extra quests.

So far as I can tell, on the Order side we have three such quests, and I assume Destruction has analogues.

Welcome Back: Secrets of Battle

This quest starts with Gunther Kaltermeier in the palace in Altdorf. He will send you to speak to an NPC is a warcamp specific to your level range. Osgard was sent to Praag, which unfortunately for him is currently contested. The NPC, in this case a Griffon Warscout will send you to scout out the four battle objectives in the RvR zone. He will also offer you the Welcome Back: On the Battlefield quest.

The reward is a choice of talismans, and the War Crystal trophy

Welcome Back: On the Battlefield

Granted by an generic NPC in the Empire Warcamp suitable for your level, this fellow has managed to lose his sister somewhere in the RvR zone, and needs you to go find her. Gah.

Upon finding here, and returning to the quest giver, your reward is a choice of talismans, and the War Medal trophy.

Welcome Back: Pacification

Duncaen Olwyn is standing near the Flight Master in Altdorf. He will send you to scout a Public Quest area, once again appropriate to your level. Osgard got sent to check out the Reik River Bandits. No fighting is needed, as you only need to visit the area to advance the quest.

Head back to Altdorf, and your reward is the choice of yet another talisman, and the War Mug trophy.

So, what do all these fancy trophies look like?

Osgard showing off his Welcome Back reward trophies in Altdorf, in Warhammer Online.

From the left, that’s the War Crystal, War Medal, and finally the War Mug. I like the mug, and think I’ll make it part of my usual costume.

The welcome back quests are a good idea. Each had some gentle reminders about how to play, and mentioned any changes that might have occurred in the game systems while we were away.

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