Dragon Age Patch 1.01a released

Aye indeed. I’ve picked up Dragon Age: Origins, and am hoping to do a spot of modding for it if it turns out to be within my abilities. I never really got into Oblivion, but I greatly enjoyed the Morrowind and Baldur’s Gate 2 modding scenes.

Bioware have just set loose their first post-release bug fix, which you can download here. It performs the following works of wonder:

* fixed potential corruption of character statistics
* fixed portrait appearance sliders when importing a character from the downloadable Character Creator
* fixed import for preset face settings from the downloadable Character Creator
* made Easy difficulty easier
* slightly increased attack, defense, and damage scores for all party members at Normal difficulty
* fixed video issues when running on a very wide screen display, including ATI Eyefinity displays

1 comment to Dragon Age Patch 1.01a released

  • Arachija

    Awesome, I was looking forward to Bioware making the latest patch and I love the fact that it tweaks the difficulty so that the game isn’t as hard for the less smart players.

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