Star Trek Online ST.0.20100208b.4 patch notes, 11th February 2010

A content patch! The Borg missions have arrived have, and Admirals now also have Daily missions to attend to. In addition, the Borg should be cropping up in exploration missions now. Vital, because quite a lot of folks have made it to Admiral now, and have not had terribly much to do.

My favourite change is that the annoying wait after completing an exploration mission should be gone too, making it much easier to build up a decent stack of badges of exploration.

Good stuff. Keep it up, Cryptic.


* The pre-order bonus Borg Bridge Officers should now display their traits. They were always there, but they were not visible.
* You no longer receive an error message when clicking the “Call for Help” button after dying when you are not on a team.
* Added the ability to filter the types of PVP Queues displayed when looking up what Queus are available.
* Updated instructions given during game play on how to assign Bridge Officers
* Closing the mail window no longer prevent you from interacting with objects and contacts until you walk away from the mailbox.
* We’ve improved framerate when viewing the Skills window and reduced the lag when decreasing the rank of a skill.
* The Character Rename button should now work properly


* Borg missions are now available to Fed players when they arrive in the Borg Sector
* New Daily missions are available for level 43+ players that offer Marks as rewards which can be used in special stores in the Staging Fleet, K7 and Ganalda. To to your remote contacts for details.
* Added repeatable Star Cluster and Deepspace hunting missions versus the Borg for both Fed and Klingon players
* Updated the Klingon Player introductory mission progression to help get players to Ganalda
* Federation PvP missions have been added
* Updated Miral Paris’ following/combat AI on Regulus IV ground to be more robust
* Fixed some bugs in the Klingon daily PVP missions – players with ground objectives (kill X captains on ground) might not have seen this complete if they were in an indoor PvP map
* Fixed some text bugs with the Klingon daily PvP missions
* Fixed the number of Klingon PvP missions required at each rank to be 3 per rank
* Made all repeatable Star Cluster missions have a 30 minute cooldown from start of mission instead of from turn in.
* Made all repeatable Deep Space Encounter missions have a 30 minute cooldown from start of mission.

Powers and Skills

* The ability to skill up captaining the Negh’Var is now available in Klingon skill trees. Some space weapons tooltips were reporting 5% chance, when the chance was actually 2.5%. Disruptor damage resistance proc now works correctly
* Tri-cobalt mines dropped correctly now
* Mines only slot in aft weapon slots as design intended
* The primary explosion from abandon ship no longer affects friendly targets. The resulting delayed warp core breach will still affect friendly targets.
* Field Logistics is now correctly listed as an Admiral skill
* The Engineering ability Aceton Field had a bug that caused it to appear as a ground power on Bridge Officers even though it’s a space power.


* Added a missin icon for the Anesthesine gas applied power.
* Corrected a bad description on one of the Tribbles.
* Corrected a bad display name on the Pre-order Automated Defense Turret.
* Added the missing icon for Vulcan “Logical” trait.
* Updated message text when renaming characters to be clearer
* Added a Crew button to the inventory window that opens your status assignment window
* Updated the the Cancel and OK buttons
* Rearranged elements of the Ship customization window to match the layout of the character customization window.
* Updated the headshot displayed for a saved costume
* Added proper indentation to objectives displayed in the mission journal.
* Spending skillpoints on your captain, then attempting to spend skillpoints on a bridge officer without first hitting accept will no longer trigger an error message to be displayed.
* Upon deleting a Klingon character, if the next character in character selection was a FED, the UI no longer remains in the red-Klingon scheme.
* Updated the power tray sensitivity so that you must drag an element completely off the tray in order to remove an item. This prevents losing an item when trying to move it to another slot and dropping it accidentally.
* Add lots of additional information to the character selection screen.
* Purchase and Cancel buttons are now always available when customizing a costume.

Visual and Sound FX

* Hooked up correct beam up fx for some critter groups
* Fixed Plasma sniper rifles so that the laser sight no longer comes out of the player’s foot
* Adjusted shields on Borg ships that were sticking out strangely

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