Star Trek Online 2010108b.10 Patch Notes

Looks like Cryptic are taking the “test” part of the STO Open Beta Test seriously. A Good Thing. They’ll be keeping us in the starter areas until we’ve given them a good working over.

I’ll be live-blogging the Open Beta launch later today.

Patch Notes Known Issues for Jan 11 2010 – ST.0.2010108b.10

Open Beta will start with characters restricted to playing Federation and Klingon sectors only. You will not be able to access Romulan, Cardassian, or Borg space until we update a little later on into the Beta.

In addition, all players will hit a level cap at 16 – which should be enought to complete all missions available in your respective sectors. You’ll be unable to spend new skillpoints after you hit the cap until we open up the other sectors. We ask that you play through all of the content you can find available to you. This will ensure coverage of everything in the sectors before you move on. You will progress enough to advance past your initial ship and into and through your first tier Cruiser, Escort, or Science vessel.

* Fixed the power trainers to display which officers are eligible for training
* Open Mission rewards were calculated 1-3 levels lower than they should have been and have been adjusted
* If the system you are warping into doesn’t exist, we’ll quickly fail the warp instead of sending you back to the Tutorial
* Addressed an issue in Star Clusters where the systems you would find where not as random as they could be
* Fixed an issue where items received in different regions would sometimes fail to equip
* Your character will now face your target on the ground when firing a weapon
* Science vessels were not getting all of their starting gear. They now come with approriate loadout.
* Updated random values in character creator
* Fixed an issue with anomalies in star clusters not being set on the proper cooldown
* Increased XP rewards for the first 6 mission
* Updated reward tables for items scanned in Star Clusters
* Fixed the zoom in/out bind commands as they were reversed
* Fixed an issue where female eyes would pop out during dance emotes
* Added back the ability to exit PVP maps using the Depart System minimap button when not in combat
* Added reward tables for all Fleet Actions (Fed and Klingon)
* Added maps for Klingon Deepspace Patrol Systems
* Fixed a UI issue where multiple windows would overlap strangely
* Teams should now be able to enter the same “Explore Unknown System” maps. This needs more testing so please file bugs you find.
* Sector space wandering mobs will now avoid system spawn in points
* Klingon ships should now have more texture options in the Ship Customization Window
* Rewards received from PVP and Fleet Actions will now go directly to your inventory
* Fixed an issue where you could not place items in the bank
* Addressed a crash with searching the Exchange
* Players now receive an error message when they attempt to drag a bound item to the Fleet Bank
* Many PVP maps now grant rewards correctly
* Star Cluster missions were completing in any cluster. They are now cluster specific
* Updated many NPC costumes
* Added info text to skills indicating the requirements for unlocking ability training
* Fixed an issue where too many batteries were dropping in space
* Removed Aenar and Tellarite bridge officers from the stores
* Cannons were draining too much power when fired. They are now draining power appropriately.
* Star Cluster Unexplored System missions should no longer have empty nouns in mission dialog.
* There are now PVP item vendors on Qonos, K7, Earth Spacedock, and Ganalda Station
* Updated the name of badge names and icons (pvp/exploration/medals)
* Updated AI of Sector Space wandering enemies
* Fixed some collision issues on Klingon Ships
* Removed “sidekick” option from the cryptic generic UI
* Fixed some occlusion issues on several maps

Here are things we know about and are already working on

* Klingon players can join PVP queues prior to completing their starting mission which will make the character unable to complete their mission chain and progress any further. Do Not Join PVP queues until AFTER you’ve completed your starting mission and leveled up to 6.
* There are UNTRANSLATED text errors in stores if you cannot purchase an item.
* C’zann, a Klingon contact, has a doppleganger in the bar at Qo’nos that offers the same content.
* Skin color choices run off the left side of the client when customizing a character.
* Bridge Officer descriptions in the store run off the screen. Trick is to move the Store window to the top of the screen and the tooltip descriptions will scroll down.
* We have reports that auto grouping may not be working in all systems.
* In some rare cases the bridge officer reward you accept while still in Sector Space may disappear and not be rewarded. If this happens to you – bug it.
* The Map Systems List has some text and UI errors at the top for sector blocks that is messed up.
* Comparison Tooltips may sometimes not updated as you equip and unequip items in space.
* If you crash out of a map during a warp cutscene – you can end up invisible until you map transfer again.
* Food items that are equipped to your device slots will show up on your power bar with a multiplied stack number.
* Random buttons in the uniform page of the character creator will randomize your body shape as well
* Loading screens are still work in progress.
* Anti Aliasing support is disabled for some video cards at this time.
* Contact headshots may animate and move in odd fashion. This is being adjusted.
* There are some placeholder sound FX being used in contact windows to denote where VO will go.
* Alt-Tabbing out of the game window can cause performance stuttering when returning to the game.
* Enemy ships will show the incorrect faction icon in the target status window.
* Completed mission objectives do not clear from the hud tracker until the mission completes.
* Some powers may not slot as expected on your space power tray.
* Bridge officers species are not always what they claim to be in the officer requisition “store”. You may think you’re getting a Ferengi and end up with an “Alien Gen”.
* We have reports that some Star Cluster doors are crashing clients. If this happens you will see a CRC error and be asked to give a bug report. Please post the name of the map in the bug report. It will start with SC_

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