Star Trek Online Open Beta 20100108b.23 Patch Notes

Mostly more stability fixes.


* Many changes were made to improve game performance, especially time to transfer between areas.
* Address issues where level ups, rewards, skill purchase, and item transactions would lag for several seconds.
* Fixed an issue where some clients would freeze on the loading screen.
* Fixed an issue where some powers you dragged to your power bar were not saving their location when logging back in.
* Fixed an issue were some powers could not be placed on the power bar.
* Added a notification when a player tries to purchase something but does not have enough currency.
* Fixed an issue where level up FX were not playing at all level ups.
* Tuned the max players in early Fed Deep Space encounters.
* Fixed a rare issue where some items were getting lost on some characters.
* Fixes some map transfer issues with teams attempting to go to a player’s bridge.
* A message is now given if the map a player was attempting to transfer to has crashed before they got there.

Known Issues

* We are looking into long PVP queue times and actively working on addressing these systems.
* When in a Star Cluster exploring unknown systems, please bug missions that cannot be completed due to missing objectives.
* Chat has been lagging at times up to several minutes. The team is hard at work on a fix.
* Klingon starting equipment is below where it should be. Fix coming in another patch this week.
* Klingon stores are not selling very many items. These will be updated soon.
* Some Exploration Planet Surface missions are not completing due to missing objective.
* Klingon players can join PVP queues prior to completing their starting mission which will make the character unable to complete their mission chain and progress any further. Do Not Join PVP queues until AFTER you’ve completed your starting mission and leveled up to 6.
* There are UNTRANSLATED text errors in stores if you cannot purchase an item.
* C’zann, a Klingon contact, has a doppleganger in the bar at Qo’nos that offers the same content.
* Skin color choices run off the left side of the client when customizing a character.
* Bridge Officer descriptions in the store run off the screen. Trick is to move the Store window to the top of the screen and the tooltip descriptions will scroll down.
* We have reports that auto grouping may not be working in all systems.
* In some rare cases the bridge officer reward you accept while still in Sector Space may disappear and not be rewarded. If this happens to you – bug it.
* The Map Systems List has some text and UI errors at the top for sector blocks that is messed up.
* Comparison Tooltips may sometimes not updated as you equip and unequip items in space.
* If you crash out of a map during a warp cutscene – you can end up invisible until you map transfer again.
* Food items that are equipped to your device slots will show up on your power bar with a multiplied stack number.
* Random buttons in the uniform page of the character creator will randomize your body shape as well.
* Loading screens are still work in progress.
* Anti Aliasing support is disabled for some video cards at this time.
* Contact headshots may animate and move in odd fashion. This is being adjusted.
* There are some placeholder sound FX being used in contact windows to denote where VO will go.
* Alt-Tabbing out of the game window can cause performance stuttering when returning to the game.
* Enemy ships will show the incorrect faction icon in the target status window.
* Completed mission objectives do not clear from the hud tracker until the mission completes.
* Some powers may not slot as expected on your space power tray.

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