DDO European transfers have begun!

It has been rather a wait, as I noted in a previous post, but for the last week, anyone who ever had a Codemasters DDO account has been able to log into that account system to get a Transition Key. The full FAQ for the transfer process is here.

DDO European Transfer Window 550x347

A little while ago, around 8 pm GMT, the transfer utility went live at http://transfer.ddo.com/. We can now enter our Transition Key and apply for our characters to be transferred to Ghallanda, a US DDO server. Unfortunately, for many users, including myself, it is coming up with a Soap Exception when we try to use it, and changing browser is not helping. It may just be a result of a great rush of people overwhelming the site. I’ll update this post when we know more!

Update, 10:07 pm GMT: This is just in from Tolero on the forum:

We’re still investigating what is causing the “Soap Error ()” message. Will bring more info as soon as it is available, the tech team is on the case!

Update: 10:34 pm GMT:

Turbine Maintenance Screen 550x416

It appears that we have broken Turbine.

Update, Midnight GMT: The server has come back up, but is still giving the SOAP error. It’s a shame that the transition tool was launched so late in the European day. I suspect most folks have given up for the day and gone to bed. Having waited for two months to get access to their characters again, this is really the last thing anybody wanted.

Update, 5 pm GMT, 2nd of November: The transfer tool is still down, and frustration is growing. I don’t really understand how this can happen. Europeans have had their characters trapped in the Phantom zone since August 19th. There has been ample time to make sure that the tool worked properly.

Update, 6:47 pm GMT: Success! The transfer tool has finally let me through. It’ll take a while for the characters to start turning up, but you get the 5250 Turbine points immediately. Spend them wisely.

DDO European Transfer Success

Victory is ours!!!

3 comments to DDO European transfers have begun!

  • Gizbyt the Squig herder

    Well its still currently down it seems :)

    So next time they shoudl test it with a suitable level of people :P

  • JB

    Managed to do the transfer last night, took me ages to work out that I needed to remove the dashes from my transfer key…

    Why put them in, in the first place? surely everyone will use cut and paste to copy across a 25 (29 with dashes) license key, or why not have a note on the page saying take them out?


    • It’s to keep us on our toes! I got my code in, but I’m still waiting for my characters to turn up. I did get the points right away though.