Minecraft Halloween Special – Mr Oakshadow goes to Hell.

The Minecraft Halloween update was patched in a few hours ago, and I spend this episode exploring the new Nether dimension, AKA the dimension formerly know as Hell. It’s quite grim in the Nether, as you’ll see! The sound effects there got a bit much after a while though, and I fear they drown me out a bit at times during the recording. I engage in heroic battle with a wraith, and end up wishing I’d been playing in 3D so I could have perceived how enormous and far away it was! (That is indeed an option with Minecraft, but I don’t have any red/blue 3D glasses!).

I don’t know whether it was just odd luck, but there seems to be rather more beasties about, even in the normal Minecraft dimension. I was lucky to make it to the Nether, let alone back again!

Just as I was about to start recording, Notch tweeted: The inventory loss on death is a bug! But let’s just pretend it’s extra difficulty for halloween!. This made me even more nervous than I usually am!

I didn’t get around to exploring all the new features in the patch. It’s amazing how quickly 15 minutes goes when you don’t want it to, but I’ll look at biomes and watches and what have you in the next episode.

8 comments to Minecraft Halloween Special – Mr Oakshadow goes to Hell.

  • Squishy

    Those noises scared the crap out of me just watching! Not the best thing to watch at 12:45am before bed.

  • Squishy

    Sorry for the 2nd post but I just thought that now you have red stone you should make a compass and use it to see where that second portal puts you out.

    • That sounds like a most excellent plan! I can’t be too far away from home. I’m probably just on the other side of Hawk Mountain. Just didn’t fancy going wandering about in the dark with the increased monster spawns.

  • Tj

    So when do you plan on having the next one i want to see you in the nether more i already built a bloodstone house, and there is nothing in the nether that requires anything above a stone pick to mine. (unless you count the bedrock)

  • Vinnie

    Hey Ark, do you have a steam account?
    If you do, add me.

    • @ Vinnie Done! Though I very rarely have Steam turned on.

      @TJ Next couple of days I expect. There’s certainly more in the patch that I want to try out!

  • Spyro1666

    video’s are pro keep going….. and build a massive empire spanning the whole map, on the next vid could you explore a bit more around, mots fo the time is hawk mountain, cool name by the way