EQ2: A Maltheas Montage Both Festive and Heroic.

While one world burns in dragon-wrought Cataclysm, meanwhile, Everquest 2’s Norrath is celebrating it’s 6th anniversary with the Festival of Heroes.

But all is not well in the city of Qeynos! Slippery Toughshield, the leader of the Heroes’ Festival Band, and holder of the coveted “Most Amusing Name in Qeynos” award, is missing one of his members! Elsewhere, a fair damsel is missing some of her decorative lanterns! A strange man is taking up floor-space in Ironforge’s Arms, curiously causing all nearby to fall into the same slumber! And when all that’s sorted out, somebody still needs to hand out flyers for the band’s performance!

Will the Heroes’ Festival be ruined by these Cataclysmic events? I say thee nay! The Heroes’ Festival needs a hero of its own! Fortunately, Norrath has its very own saviour of holidays! No peril is too small for Maltheas of Rodcet Nife!

Everquest 2 Festival Of Heroes 1 550x562

Everybody else was off being devoured by dragons.

Everquest 2 Festival Of Heroes 2 550x602

Hoorays! The Festival is saved for another year!!

The Heroes Festival will be running until the 30th of November! Don’t let Maltheas hog all the glory; come lend Qeynos and Freeport a hand!

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