In which I meet my Waterloo

It’s going to be slow posting for a little while, while I visit my Dad for Christmas. His computer is a little primeval, and oddly, he tends to expect me to not spend all my time on it! That’s the oldsters for you!

So I’ll probably not be doing too many gaming posts, and certainly won’t be making any gaming videos, but I might be able to squeeze in a few pictures. Here’s some I took on my journey here, outside a snowy Waterloo station in London, while waiting for my connection to the West Country. I’m always taken aback by how grand our old train stations are, and rather wish we could still build like this.

This entrance commemorates the Great War, and the employees of the train companies who fell during that conflict.

Waterloo Station Entrance Clock 550x338

Waterloo Station - Your gateway to Mesopotamia and the Dardanelles

Waterloo Station Entrance Statue Left 550x396

Statue to the left of the Waterloo Entrance signifying War and its costs.

Waterloo Station Entrance Statue Right 550x396

The statue to the right of Waterloo's entrance, representing Peace and all its bounties.

3 comments to In which I meet my Waterloo

  • Squishy

    For all the times I passed through Waterloo I never really took the time to look around and notice that entrance. Admittedly I was usually going straight down into the Underground (or rushing to work.)

    I shall keep an eye out if I ever make it back there.

  • Dave

    Damn you must of been quite lucky to get there. I tried to get to London yesterday (I am only 5 stops away) and they wouldn’t even sell me a ticket, as the lady behind the counter said “you’ll have to pray if you want that train to come”…
    Never realised those at waterloo before, surprising as they are nice.