Scatman’s World

I’m still alive! Just not feeling very opinionated at the moment. I’m working on a couple of little bits and bobs that might come to light at some point, and, of course, the Rift Beta will be heading into phase 5 on the 25th of January and I’ll be there to tell of what I encounter in another episode of my Beta liveblog.

In between all that, I work on my Scatman John impersonations. Bingbiddabingbinddabingadongadong. No, really, I do. He was a fellow with some mighty lyrics, a wonderful hat, a fellow stutterer, and a genuinely good soul. I’d like to be him when I grow up. Here’s my very favourite bit of his work:

Update: This is the biggest decision I’m planning on making today.

Tinned Sausage Decisions 550x338

Tinned Sausage Decisions. Tony the Tiger looks on with interest.

I just took that pic to show a friend, but while taking it, I noticed something bizarre. It’s the same sausage in both pictures!!! Did they carefully pick the baked beans off it, and then artistically drape it with spaghetti rings, or was it Photoshopped? I have to know!

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