Everquest: Return to the Qeynos Catacombs

I’m still having fun exploring ancient Norrath again on the Fippy Darkpaw Progression server.

The oddest thing just happened. I was searching for a little information to refresh my memory on the Qeynos Catacombs, when Google lead me to an old post from 2000, THAT I HAD WRITTEN.

The Qeynos Catacombs were always a treasure trove for lowbies, and many of the good folks of Fippy may well be in such circumstances that they could do with a pick-me-up, so I shall share this entry from a very short-lived segment I used to have called Ask Ark!

Hail Ark!
When I met you in Qeynos yesterday you were bouncing with joy over getting your hands on a fine pair of intelligence raising earrings. You said that they (and some other stuff you mentioned, but I forgot) were utterly obtainable for someone of my level, and even though I’m a rogue, I reckon they’ed help my skills improve a bit faster. So, spill the beans. Where’d you get ’em?


Well met Trokkar. They are earings of +3 intelligence, and I would imagine a pair of them would probably have an affect on your skill gains for sure. They are just one of the many treasures that the catacombs beneath Qeynos have to offer, with a little patience, to almost anyone.

The catacombs are a fairly safe area, even for a completely new character. The rats, beetles, spiders, and cubes which fill it are unaggressive, although there are a couple of rare wandering spawns that will attack, and probably kill anyone under 7th level. (Drosco, and a rather nasty skeleton. They don’t show up often though.). The catacombs hold many secrets, not least the headquarters of the Bloodsabers, which lies beyond secret panels in the east wall. Should you find such a wall, I would advise venturing no further through it, unless you happen to worship the foul Bertoxxulous. Only death and decay awaits beyond.

The easiest of the treasures to obtain would surely be the alligator tooth earing, which grants +5 hitpoints to the wearer. These are found without fail upon an injured rat (loc: 566 206), which strayed too close to the nearby alligator spawn. These are perhaps as tough as a large rat, though be warned that other rats may assist them.

The limestone ring, which also grants +5 hitpoints, is found on the undead knight (loc: 664 146). He is little more fearsome than a decaying skeleton, though his aquatic lair is hard to find by mere chance.

Now we come to that foulest of creatures, Cuburt. The child-eating cube lurks upon a platform on the east side. Should Cuburt not be present when you arrive, slaying any beast which refuses to stand still, typically either a sewer rat, cube, or mangy rat, will bring the knave out soon enough. The spawn point for Cuburt and his placeholders is a brown spot (loc: 133 -62) on the floor perilously close to the Frogloks. Upon his death, if you are lucky, you will find evidence of crimes. Should you give this to Zamel, who stand near the bank, you may be rewarded by a gold stud earing of int +3, or a hematite, if unlucky. Alternatively you may give it to Guard Elond, near the gate for a golden locket with 5 charges of courage.

The Frogloks I mentioned will not attack unless you get foolishly close (I got as close as I wanted to taking that screenshot.), but are a trio, so should not be tackled lightly. They lurk in an underwater bit mere yards from Cuburt’s spawn point. They occasionally drop netted armour, which is magical, and most useful for younger casters and monks, especially the gloves in the latter case, as their magical aura will allow unarmed attacks to harm wisps and other entities requiring magical weapons..

Finally, there is a chamber where two interesting creatures may be found. The nesting (loc: 342 334) rat will drop a golden locket which is not only +3 charisma, but AC 2 to boot. The nesting rat is no great threat, but be warned that from time to time, Drosco the zombie may arrive.

Drosco is sad evidence of the dangers of crossing the Bloodsabers, and is bound to their service. Should you have been working against them, Drosco will attack, as I learnt to my cost shortly after speaking to you. Previously he had not been aggressive when we met, but I suppose I have been a bit of a nuisance to the local gnolls. Be warned. He is rather poisonous, and hits hard, but I do believe I saw an amulet of thunder swinging around his neck as I lapsed into unconsiousness. I am sure that the House of Thunder would reward it’s return. Alternatively you could keep it, I suppose.

To a tailor such as yourself, it might be of interest that the spiders of the sewers are no more powerful than spiderlings, yet their silk is of the sort suitable for weaving into clothes. An excellent way to practice the art of tailoring in the Qeynos area without upsetting Holly and Cros.– Arkenor

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  • Malkavelli

    Was playing WoW and SupCom2 with some friends via skype earlier and we were discussing the Fippy Darkpaw server and reminiscing. Everything from Crushbone to Plane of Sky. I’d love to be able to wander through EQ1 again just for old times sake, but not enough to make me want to download the whole thing again. Any chance of a short movie of what it’s like there now?

    • It doesn’t look too different, except that the zones that got graphically revamped are still that way.

      I’m having quite a good time so far, much to my surprise. I could certainly make a little video, if there’s interest. What sort of things did you want to see?

  • Malkavelli

    Almost anything, just a few minutes of gameplay, trying to explore or complete a quest I suppose. I never saw the revamped Freeport but I suppose just seeing/hearing Greater Feydark again after all these years would be cool. In fact Im gonna try youtube with that as my search criteria right now!