EQ2: Beleaguered by Misfortune

My friend, Terr, pointed this news out to me this morning. Fortune League, a vaguely EQ2-themed Facebook game, is shutting down:

As of Monday, July 11th this Facebook game will no longer be operational. In the meantime, you may continue to play and redeem prizes until the conclusion of this final season. However, the ability to add Station Cash funds to your wallet will be disabled on Friday, June 24th. Any existing funds in your wallet can still be used until the game is turned off.
Beginning on Monday, July 11th, you may request a refund of the non-promotional Station Cash in your wallet if you play Fortune League and do not also currently play any other SOE game (EverQuest II, Free Realms, etc.) where you can still continue to use the Station Cash in your wallet after this Facebook game has been turned off. If you are eligible for a refund, please contact a Customer Service.

Fortune League was not, in my opinion, a very good advert for Everquest 2, having far more in common with stockbroking than high adventure. I did play it, because it granted useful in-game goodies, but it was an 2 minute annoyance once a week to set my team up, rather than something to be actively enjoyed. I truly doubt anybody spent real money to buy additional trades for it, and nobody who wasn’t already playing EQ2 would want to play it, so it is probably just as well that this distraction is being wound up.

Perhaps it will eventually be replaced by something a bit more fun.

2 comments to EQ2: Beleaguered by Misfortune

  • Tipa

    Agh. I hadn’t played it this round but was planning on picking it up again. It was a fantastic source of free AAs for my characters. I’ll miss it.

    I and many other paid cash for extra trades; you kinda had to if you wanted to be in the global top 10, and I’d decided that was something I’d wanted to do. Once I had done that, though, I lost interest in the game. It would take me at least an hour to calculate the ideal party for each adventure and some Sunday mornings, it wasn’t a top priority to be slogging through spreadsheets.

    • Wow, OK, I guess I should never underestimate the drive to win! So I guess the game was making them a little money at least.

      I’d got 3 sets of the tattered wings, and wasn’t going to worry about my scores again until they changed that prize. Which I guess is never going to happen now :(