EQ2: The Item Revamp Continues

The native tribes of the Chaos Wastes live in a land so weird and changing that they assume that anything they are not looking at right this moment has ceased to exist.

This is how I feel about itemisation in EQ2 right now. My crafted gear was quite lovely on Thursday after the item revamp, perfect for a templar who likes getting stuck in with his hammer, but I just had another look at it and it has changed again! Apparently priests don’t get to have useful melee blue stats on their gear… (You can click the picture below for a full size version.)

EQ2 Crafted Item Revamp Continued 600x848

OK, my dismay that it is becoming much harder for a priest to choose to play in a melee way aside, we need some consistency. I need to know that I’m going to wake up in the same gear I went to bed in. I do not understand, for the life of me, why the item revamp was allowed to go live. It was entirely known by all involved that things were not as they should be.

(Update to the above paragraph: It turns out that some other parts of the ebon armour set do have good melee bonuses. Or at least they do right this minute. I don’t think I’m going to risk buying any until I know it’ll stay that way!)

I wonder what my equipment will do tomorrow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it does not transmogrify into something squamous while I’m logged off, and crawl away.

On a happier note, a lot of the looted and quested gear in the world has improved dramatically, and Maltheas has been having a lovely time running around finding it all for the first time!

Some useful info from Smokejumper:

Some other info for you so that you know what areas have NOT yet been updated (and we’re working to update now):

Updating zones that are not yet reiteimzed:

Icy Keep: Retribution
Shard of Hate
TSO raid zones

Item categories that are not yet reitemized:

TSO raid armor sets
Legendary armor sets
Power differences in SF raid items (easy mode and hard mode differences)
Bugs from feedback in regards to items being changed to a class that did not make sense

These changes will get into the game ASAP.

And that’s my biggest problem with how this has been done. An item revamp like this needs to be done all at once, or else you can’t make any sensible decisions as to what equipment to keep, and what to throw away. The Raiders, who are affected by small changes in gear far more than the likes of Maltheas, are going quite insane trying to figure out what is going on. Like those Chaos Waste folks, we are still in a land of flux, where Lord Everling’s signet ring can suddenly turn into a non-functional slashing weapon, equipment becomes invisible or changes appearance, and your favourite priest necklace lost all its wisdom.

Let’s hope sanity returns to this land of confusion quickly.

Update, with a picture I want to use on the forum. This picture illustrates the absolute soullessness of the new gear. Give me the level, archetype, quality, and slot, and I can tell you exactly what the stats of the item will be.
EQ2 New Itemisation

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