EQ2: Maltheas and the Flowing Black Silk Sash – With Video!

The Flowing Black Silk Sash was one of the most sought after of original Everquest items. As it was launch content, rather than expansion, you can be sure that folks will be fighting over it on the new Fippy Darkpaw progression server over the next few months! It will begin in the possession of the level 42 Frenzied Ghouls of Lower Guk, a contested dungeon, so it might take a few weeks, even for the most eager of rushers. The queue will probably stretch all the way to Grob.

I seldom had the patience for lengthy camps in Everquest. Spending hours, or even days, waiting for a rare monster to spawn, instead of his common placeholder, and then hoping that he has the specific item that you want never struck me as much fun. That’s not to say that I have much of a problem with some gear needing that sort of dedication. I’m just willing to leave it for someone else, and find different equipment in a slightly less mind-numbing fashion. I loved Everquest crafting, and I expect that will, once again, be my primary source of equipment.

I expect most of those who will be trying Fippy’s server are old EQ players. We know what to expect, though no doubt the corners of our memories have been softened by time. Those who are trying Everquest 1 for the first time are in for a treat! And when I say “treat”, I mean a harrowing experience which will cause twitter to be filled with wails of anguish as they encounter game systems that have not been fashionable for a decade. I’ll be on-hand to assist with any corpse-runs that may be required.

Everquest 2 mostly did away with the more extreme aspects of camping, though at the cost of making gear feel a bit generic sometimes. The Flowing Black Silk Sash made a triumphant reappearance as the reward for one of EQ2’s Heritage Quests, and it was this quest, “The Teachings of Yoru”, that Maltheas set himself to finishing today! A perilous deed indeed for it would require defeating quite a number of ghostly martial arts monks, all of whom had out-levelled our Ratonga pal.

I was interested in seeing how well I could capture a full definition video of EQ2 (I usually record in half definition for Minecraft), so I thought I’d make a little film of the final battle. It can be blown up to rather high definitions using the little definition setting button on the bottom of the video window. It took a rather ridiculous amount of time to upload as a result, so I doubt I’ll make a habit of that!

EQ2 Flowing Black Silk Sash 600x414

The Nature of Maltheas was...IRREPRESSIBLE!!!

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