EQ2: The Three MMOsketeers Emergency Podcast takes on the ProSiebenSat Deal.

I am going to make a much larger post about this later today, once I have been topped up with the elixir which permits my brain to operate at an acceptable level of functionality. Its depletion over the last month is partially responsible for the lack of posts. Going onto a 3-month, instead of monthly testosterone injection has created a rather extended and unpleasant trough. Today, that gets sorted, at least for a while. It should balance out somewhat, eventually.

I would suggest that in the future, SOE time their fresh outrages a little better, so as to not happen right before I get topped up. Because if I’m annoyed enough to write 3 hours before my injection, things may be getting pretty special later.

You’ll be aware by now, I’m sure, that SOE has signed a deal with ProSiebenSat.1 to run their European operations, making the European servers completely separate. I’m not best pleased, and to that end we called an emergency session of the Three MMOsketeers last night, for a breaking news podcast.

Thanks to the CSICON network for hosting the Three MMOsketeers!! I shall be back later, chances are, charged up and with enough functional brain cells to do some research.

4 comments to EQ2: The Three MMOsketeers Emergency Podcast takes on the ProSiebenSat Deal.

  • I was actually going to resub as I missed my characters, but fuck that now. I will never be resubbing. This makes me so very sad :( I was playing since the beta, took a few months break and now this. ARGH I am so angry.

  • PlayerVSHobbies

    I listened to the emergency podcast last night and read the forum FAQ. Seems like another bad decision by SOE and I cancelled my subscription. I like EQ2, but I don’t like what SOE has been doing lately.

  • T Capp

    I resubbed after endless bombardment of my mail box by SOE to come back, I thought I’d try F2P and two weeks later resubbed, a week later cancelled when I heard about the Pss.1 fiasco..

    Also sent e-mail to the ceo of pss.1 investors div (not expecting a reply btw) telling them the deal had so outraged the player base they’ll probably inherit empty servers, how’s that for good investment…