A Quick Wurm Post

I was asked to post a picture of my new little house in wurm. I’ve only been playing it a few days, and it’s a very basic homestead, but it will do me for the time-being.

Wurm is an interesting game. It might look graphically good in that picture, and it does do a decent job with terrain and the environment. It falls down badly when it comes to monsters and players though. but I don’t actually mind terribly much. It’s a proper, deep crafting system. You can terraform the world to your desire (provided you don’t mind doing an awful lot of digging).

I actually prefer to have as little impact on my environment as I can. The fence there is largely to protect my birch trees. I had to go a very long way to find some birch to take cuttings from, as the locals seem to have taken to cutting down everything that isn’t pine. With time, I hope to rediversify the local woodland.

There’s no quests, and precious few NPCs. There’s a giant spider lurking to the west of my house, but I think I’ll leave it alone for now.

I’m not even planning on staying here, but I needed a secure place of operation to build a boat.

There's no place like home.

Better graphics would be great, of course, and we are told that some improvements will be along this year. This is an amazingly deep game, and I can only imagine what its creator could come up with, if only he had 1 percent of the funding SWOTR had. I can think of dozens of ways to improve it, of course :D What he’s already made, though, is a fantastic base. I’m going to watch the Wurm.

4 comments to A Quick Wurm Post

  • I bounced off of Wurm really badly when I tried it, but it’s a game that I really wish would click for me. It offers exactly what I’ve started to believe I want from an MMO conceptually, but the minute to minute details just keep pushing me away.

    • It’s probably a little more brutal than it needs to be. It *really* needs to include combat in the tutorial.

      I just wish someone would chuck him (or me) a couple of million quid, so he could afford to get a modern engine and an animator.

  • MosesZD

    Funny comment about SW:TOR. The only reason I made it to the end of my sub was because it came with 30-days. If it were try before you buy, I’d have made it a week. Maybe two.

    For $250million US… So much money just wasted on putting ‘shiny’ on the penny instead of dealing with the important fundamentals that don’t work or are, in the case of crafting, worthless time sinks. And it’s not like they weren’t nagged abuot these problems in the 10-months of beta…

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