The Secret World Beta Bonanza Part 6 – The Naked Jape

Continuing on from Part 5, where I was last seen trying to decide which weapon skill I should pursue.

21:03 pm GMT, 13th of May

I’m still dithering a bit. All the weapon skills seem quite decent, though something with a bit of range might prove to be most useful for me at this point. You can equip 2 weapons at once, so later on I’ll be able to have a close range and a long range weapon, but I can only have one for now.

There is no time for such dallying, for the the beta ends today! I’m a big fan of having an AOE or two at my disposal, and not all sets have any in their starting skills, I’ll just go with what I know; my old friend, the shotgun.

Mr Sonnac never turned up as promised, so I’d best head back to his office. Leaving the crucible will set your starting weapon, and its associated skill. There’s no going back now!

Which is unfortunate, as things back in the main Temple have gone a bit odd. Oh dear.

I don’t know what’s going on here, and I’m afraid to ask. Did some sort of pool party start while I was in the Crucible? Do we even have a pool?

It’s a bug, of course, and doesn’t seem to be fixing itself, so I’d better relog.

22:13 pm GMT, 13th of May

Having a spot of bother. When I log back into the game, I’m back in the Crucible instance, fully clothed. Have tried relogging a few times now, and I don’t seem to be able to zone out of the Crucible back into the Temple without crashing.

I try once more, and make it back into the Temple, but once again, it is filled with bald semi-naked men. This might not be game-breaking on its own, but I’ve also lost my inventory, my mission, and the ability to communicate. Nevertheless, I figure I can perhaps get some more screenshots, so I go for a wander.

As I walk down the steps from the Temple, I’m suddenly struck unconscious, I have no idea why, and find myself in Ealdwic park. By now I have no idea what is going on, and every attempt to get back into the Temple sends me back to the park. I have only one chance. I relog again!

It works as expected, and I find myself back in the Crucible again. I may be trapped, but at least there’s a bar.

Trapped in a prison of velvet and leather.

More importantly, at least here I can look at a few more features of the game! When I entered the Crucible earlier, I received 7 talismans, one for each of my talisman slots.

The Secret World Character Sheet

It seems like Talismans and Weapons are the only equippable gear in the game. Clothing and any other cosmetic apparel works through the dressing room instead, and you just select your options from a drop-down menu of available appearances.

23:16 pm GMT, 13th of May

Reports are that the naked dummy issue is related to the main London zone, which the Temple is part of, so I’d recommend avoiding it if you can. The issue seems quite widespread. Unfortunately, I kind of need London in order to progress with my tutorial mission, so looking a bit stumped right now.

1:53 am GMT, 14th of May

I never did manage to get back into London fully dressed, so that is it for this weekend’s Secret World beta liveblog, but it shall return for the next Beta weekend, when hopefully things will be working a bit more in our favour! Not sure yet whether I’ll be able to continue with this character, or if we’ll be restricted to one of the other factions.

Continued in Part 7!

1 comment to The Secret World Beta Bonanza Part 6 – The Naked Jape

  • sean

    Same thing happened to me while I was trying with my daughters to make a new character for them to have a look at TSW: we’d finally made one, entered into London and… we were a bald guy in his underwear. Which did make one of my daughters happy, lol, but wasn’t what we’d anticipated.

    On the other hand, it’s good to be taking part in a *real* beta for a change, instead of a marking a beta.