The Secret World Beta Bonanza Part 2 – Known Issues

With my character made, it’s time to begin the journey!

But first…

Because the Beta version is not the finished product, there are a few issues, and I think it would probably be fairest simply to share the current list with you, in addition to all the changes that are already planned before launch :

Important Information

Please keep in mind that the version of The Secret World you will be playing this Beta Weekend is not the final version of the game. Several features and elements are continuously being tweaked and parts of the game will be significantly improved before launch. The most important of these are the following:

  • Character creation will be improved and expanded for launch, with more customization options added for both appearance and clothing. There will also be some changes to the GUI and to the background scenes
  • Only the London hub and the Kingsmouth adventure zone are playable during this Beta Weekend, representing a small part of the total content in the game
  • The performance of the game is continuously being optimized and there will be several improvements before launch
  • We are constantly tweaking and polishing player abilities, both in terms of adding more utility, changing effects and animations, and for balance purposes
  • The current tutorial system has been created for the Beta Weekends, and will be significantly changed for launch
  • Minor bugs and issues may occur and are being resolved on an ongoing basis. Contact Customer Service if you are experiencing any significant issues. Information on how to contact Customer Service can be found here.


  • Some players have reported losing their target, and having to retarget manually
  • We are aware that some users are having issues with mouse sensitivity being too low
  • Using /stuck will not always unstick your character. Try using your Agartha Conduit — located in your inventory — if you become permanently stuck
  • If your character gets stuck under the world before acquiring the Agartha Conduit, there is no workaround and you will have to contact a game master (GM) in Customer Service. Information on how to contact Customer Service can be found on the Beta Weekend Forums.
  • The web browser may sometimes show blurry text
  • Pressing the sprint key after a cinematic will cast sprint again, even if it is already active
  • Player cannot proceed through the login screen by using the “Enter” key after a login error
  • There are reports of a small drop in performance when entering the barricades around the Sheriff’s Office in Kingsmouth


  • Clicking on “Repair Broken Data” in the client patcher may appear to not respond as it has no visual progress indicator, but it is working
  • The DirectX 11 client will sometimes launch in Windowed mode when the player has set it to Fullscreen. To fix this, press F10 to open the options menu, select Video Options and set Display mode to ‘Fullscreen’
  • Anti-alias quality settings are all defaulted to ‘None’ when overall quality is set to ‘Ultra’
  • We are investigating some reported out-of-memory crashes
  • If your patcher fails to recognize some DLL files after installation, it may crash
  • The GUI may flicker when running Xfire
  • The “old” launcher may display when you first run the patcher. This has black text on a dark gray background and is difficult to read, but will be replaced with the lighter color patcher almost immediately after seeing it
  • If you paste an image into the password field your client may crash.
  • On certain GPU configurations the detected VRAM is incorrect (too low). This value is used to determine which overall graphics quality presets (Low, Medium, High, Ultra) are available at each screen resolution. This is especially noticeable on modern GPUs with more than 1024 MB VRAM. A fix is in the works
    Workaround: Use the advanced video options tab to set your desired graphics for now. A value of 4 for a slider is equivalent to “Ultra” and a value of 1 is equivalent to “Low”


  • Players are awarded an empty achievement upon entering the Sheriff’s office in Kingsmouth Town


  • The Orochi helicopters in Kingsmouth have a high pitched sound that may be uncomfortable to listen to


  • Female pigtails hairstyle has some flickering issues
  • The main light on the character selection screen does not cast shadows
  • Camping and returning to the character selection screen causes light settings to not display properly
  • Deleting a character renders the player unable to use the scroll up, down, and delete keys
  • It may be difficult to bring focus back to the password field when trying to delete a character. Click directly in the middle of the password field if this happens
  • Head accessories has several blank options


  • Tell messages are not enabled on General chat tab by default, and incoming tells may be missed. Be sure you check your Tells tab, or enable Tells on your General chat tab!
  • Group chat channels may persist after leaving a group
  • If you are in a custom chat channel and you zone, you will have to rejoin your custom chat channel


  • Equipped shotguns may flip during some cut-scenes. Using Blood Spike can also cause your equipped back items to flip during combat
  • Blades – Spamming Blade Torrent while turning can cause slight rubber-banding
  • Pistols – Spamming The Business causes character’s animations to look strange
  • Pistols – Wanted has a small delay from cast to damage only while used in the Crucible
  • The numerical value for some attacks in the outer hive are displayed incorrectly
  • Some abilities have incomplete descriptions
  • Shotgun abilities will hit enemies behind the player when the one in front of them dies
  • Searching the Ability Wheel does not display all abilities currently in-game


  • There is no indication what sort of unique clothing item the user obtains when “Claiming” a character profile within the Decks panel
  • If the user clicks the magnifying glass to trigger the character’s profile info, they will not be able to press “N” to close the Wheel after
  • Cycling through the Decks at a fast pace will result in overlapping text on the character profiles
  • There is no tooltip info or interactivity displayed with the weapon icons inside the Decks panel


  • Multi-slot clothing is not displayed
  • Duplicate items purchased are visible in the GUI until you zone. After that, the duplicate will disappear from the GUI
  • Male character model switches to female when previewing female clothing/characters.
  • Pressing the Wear button while having multiple versions of the same item causes the wrong item to be checked off


  • Group members are not notified when loot options are changed
  • Master Looter cannot assign loot to team members


  • There is no option to enable Vicinity Player Name-tags
  • Moving items between the crafting grid and inventory causes the items to appear to not swap places
  • The inspection GUI shows Faction Rank as undefined
  • The group GUI is not moveable or hideable
  • Ladders may be difficult to target. Move the mouse cursor around until it turns into a ladder icon
  • Name-tags list “Not in a guild” instead of “Not in a cabal”
  • The in-game tutorial in the Help menu does not show the updated GUI, and the videos do not show updated information
  • The mission and dialog GUIs may disappear in certain camera angles for some users
  • Inventory item icons do not indicate when the player does not meet use/equip requirements
  • The Mission report GUI can be resized until text is no longer visible
  • Browser – The mouse cursor does not change when the user hovers over a link to another page. The back button does not work
  • The browser cannot be resized
  • Right clicking on another player from the Friendly Target GUI will show an empty line
  • Dying with the character sheet open can cause the GUI to shift
  • If you /camp with a prompt to enter a zone onscreen, the buttons on the character selection screen will not function
  • There is no option to enable vicinity player name-tags


  • Some Chaos focus items disappear when you start sprint


  • If the player has nine outstanding mission reports, the story mission may fail to progress, and the player will be unable to pick it up again
  • Computer interfaces show HTML tags
  • Some weapon training missions in the hubs can progress to tier 3 without your having completed tier 2
  • If several users are trying to use the same mission item or door as you are, you may have to wait your turn to interact with it
  • The mission description does not reflect the location of the PDA in the mission I Phone Home
  • Full Metal Golem – It may be difficult to place the parts in the box next to Edgar at the end of the mission
  • Dixie Bull’s fullscreen visual effect ‘Captain’s Orders’ displays for characters who are not on the mission. Dixie Bull may become untargetable or unresponsive if attacked while he is resetting
  • Horror Show – Equipped weapons become invisible after the user is killed by booby traps
  • Horror Show – If player is spotted by a camera and exits the room before the explosions go off, the camera will never stop targeting them
  • Journey’s End – The send report button appears before the mission is completed
  • Evolution of the Species – The particle effect for the burning pod is too large
  • The Tentacle Trail – Ungrouped players do not get credit for killing the Blodugr Lord
  • That’ll Leave a Mark – No map markers for leading the injured man
  • Lighting inside Town Hall may make it difficult for you to see the paintings


  • Some NPCs will slide around a bit while looking for the perfect location to attack you from
  • NPCs who are seated may be sitting on the ground or clipping through chairs
  • Some corpses do not stop animating on death
  • Comments from NPCs are being displayed in speech bubbles and in general chat
  • If you click on a dialog with an NPC then back away so the GUI closes, and then run back up to the NPC, you will be unable to get the dialog to work again
  • If you one-shot an NPC standing in a group, the other NPCs will not aggro you
  • Agartha – The Stationmaster does not hold his pocket watch properly
  • London – Sally Army is missing her pants
  • London – Mama Abena shows a question mark button next to her which cannot be clicked
  • Practice Demons in the Crucible are missing textures
  • Jack Boone’s lips don’t move during his cinematics
  • Viking Zombies have no attack animations
  • The Wendigo Soul-Eater will slide when roaming in a certain area
  • All police officers and some of the Templar’s guards are unintentionally bald. They will be given hair regrowth treatment imminently


  • London Fight Club – Jumping in the arena can cause your character to fall outside the world
  • London Fight Club – Jumping while inside the pvp flagged area will cause the “leaving area” time out to start


  • Players can place the same item multiple times into the trade window, but are unable to remove the duplicates
  • The “+” sign does not appear to do anything when attempting to click it during a two player trade


  • Clothing vendors do not indicate to the player which items have been previously purchased.
  • The preview button for the clothing vendor GUI does not work
  • If you buy multiples of an item, your dressing room will show several copies of it until you zone -then it will show only one


  • Kingsmouth – It is possible to get stuck on two dumpsters behind Sycoil gas station
  • Kingsmouth – The ladder by The Lobster Trap does not work

It doesn’t sound like there’s anything too serious, and hopefully I won’t run into any difficulties with them.

Right, that’s the paperwork done. Onwards to Part 3 and adventure!!

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