The Secret World Beta Bonanza Part 3 – Arrival in London

Moving on from Part 2, off we go! As usual, I’ll keep updating this post until it gets too long.

22:49 pm GMT, 11th of May

Oh my. We leap straight into a long cut scene. It’s using the ingame engine so your character, as you designed them, is visible in all his glory. I’m not sure how spoilerish I want to get, but it explains how you received your mysterious powers, and came to be recruited by the Templar.

I shall, most likely, completely ignore it for the purposes of my own character backgrounds, but it’s a good starting point.

We then arrive in London, and have another cut scene with some of London’s finest police officers. These cut scenes do feel a bit peculiar. The NPCs will lecture you at length, and you just sort of stand there impassively while they harangue you with veiled threats and unnecessary rudeness. They’re obviously far more used to this sort of thing than I am. After further cheeky London copper antics, I am allowed beyond the police barrier, and have control of my character. I am not alone.

Aim for the head!!! Oh wait, that's me. - The Secret World

That’s not a 70s zombie invasion. It’s just the spawn point for new Templar characters. I am slightly jealous of that poncho that one of my new comrades is wearing. We may be living in a world of unknown horrors, but who could possibly be downhearted in a poncho like that? I make a mental note to acquire one to cheer me through the dark times.

23:03 pm GMT, 11th of May

I have a task! I am to head down the street until I reach the underground station. Perhaps my mysterious benefactors will meet me there.

Movement uses the standard MMO-system, and you can jump, as my poncho-clad colleague aptly demonstrates as he bounces into the distance. The jumping animation could use a bit of work. Before I head to my rendezvous, I familiarise myself with the controls, and attempt to chat to some of the locals.

'Ello little ol' lady. - The Secret World

I could not figure out how to initiate a conversation with that nice old lady, so was unable to enquire where she had gotten her most excellent hat. It was only when walking away that it occurred to me that she was as tall as I was.

Truly, this London was a land of mysteries. I must meet my contact quickly!!

I’m loving how Funcom have tried to squeeze as many British looking things into their rendition. It feels little clichéd and anachronistic for a real Brit, but it is very nicely done. Oh, maybe that’s why the clothes feel so old-fashioned. I do keep expecting Austin Powers to jump out from behind a red pillar box.

23:31 pm GMT, 11th of May

I’ve arrived at Ealdwic Underground Station, and my task changes to “Find the Prophet”. I don’t really know what prophets look like, but luckily a little blue cross has appeared on my map, showing that the prophet seems to be lurking in an alley behind the station. I consider popping into the nearby fish and chip shop first, that I might better fortify myself for what is to come, but no. I have waited too long for answers. I must know what I have become. Then I’ll come back and get some chips.

I can’t wait to here what wisdom the prophet will bestow upon me. For an organisation as ancient as the Templar to consider someone a prophet they must be brimming with ancient knowledge, or touched by the gods themselves!

Oh. Oh dear.

He's touched, alright.

OK, he’s obviously crazy, but he does have a very nice scarf, so I go closer to see if I can get a peek at the label. This turns out to be a mistake, as I am ambushed by a cut-scene, and brutally deus ex machinad into unconciousness. When I awake, it quickly becomes clear that I’m not going to be getting those chips any time soon.

00:03 am GMT, 12th of May

I love sushi, but those things ain't California Rolls.

OK, I’m a bit vague as to what is happening, but so far as I can tell:

  1. I’m in Japan. I deduce this from all the signs being in Japanese.
  2. These people are each in a different faction. I figured this from their discussion while I was lying on the floor, working on regaining conciousness. Also, Rose the Templar, on the right, has appeared in game trailers. Perhaps the other two are from their respective faction trailers. I wonder if that means that this part of the tutorial is shared between all factions.
  3. They think I’m called Sarah. I appear to be possessing one of their companions.
  4. Something very bad is happening. Tentacles. They get into just about everything, and they’re never a good sign unless you ordered calamari.

That little blue box next to Mei Ling means she has a mission for me. I am also given the option of just ignoring this whole sorry business by going upstairs, which will be handy when you’ve done the tutorial a few times. Today though, I need answers, and answers I shall only get from helping these folks out, so I accept.

They tell me to pick up my shotgun. Splendid. My day is improving exponentially. I pick it up off the floor, equipping it automatically, and try to look cool.

I succeed, but only until a bunch of people with tentacles on their heads jump out of the air ducts, and I realise I have absolutely no idea how to use “my” shotgun, or defend myself at all!

Again with the tentacles! It's ALWAYS Tentacles with you people!!!!

It turns out that while I was distracted, I gained a combat bar, and a couple of rather handy buttons. So after a few seconds of watching my companions dispatch these thingy-monsters, I was able to get stuck in with a fury.

That was quite hectic, but it’s a bit difficult to tell how much of an effect I was having when I have three far more competent-seeming investigators shooting fire out of their hands. I think I shot something though.

That’s enough for Part 3. Tune in next time, when I complete the fearsome-sounding task “Go through the gate”.

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  • Hey! First landing on your website today, doing some searching on TSW after my first Beta Weekend, and enjoying your walkthrough… nice humour.. :) but I had to comment to say, that it has been ages since I thought about Chorlton and the Wheelies..!! Ffestiniog!!

    Thanks. Tex…

  • Pardoz

    Not to be too spoilerific here, but the subway scene is a flashback to an incident that happened just before the initial cinematic (listen to the news report that your clock radio is playing just before you wake up, it’s connected.)